10 Easy Crops Anyone Can Grow

Getting started with gardening might not be an easy task for some people. Especially with those who have absolutely no background with agriculture or farming. It is not an impossible task though. You should also be fueled with knowing that as an activity it can be very rewarding. Lack of experience should not stop you. Bear in mind that you can only master this sort of activity by performing it.

The best move that you can make is to start planting crops and vegetables that you can consume as food. That makes them doubly useful. There are many crops out there that you can try using which will not give you a hard time even if you are just a beginner in growing plants. To give you a clearer idea of what you can use, here are some of the best crops that you can use:

1. Radishes- The thing going for radishes is that they are very easy to grow. Since this type of vegetable is not very choosy when it comes to the quality of the soil that it is planted on then that means that you need to do very little on the garden itself to get it going. You can plant the seeds of this vegetable during the spring or fall. Provide about a 5 c.m. distance for each plant. Make sure that you water it regularly. Radishes can develop quite fast. In about three weeks they should be ready for harvesting.

2. Tomatoes- There is really nothing that can match fresh garden grown tomatoes. That is why it is a favorite among vegetable gardeners. For first time growers the good thing is that they are easier to grow than most garden crops. They require plenty of exposure to the sun and little water and the best part of all is that they can provide you with fruits all year round. If you want to skip the first part of growing tomatoes then you can just buy some starter plants from nurseries. There are times when you might get a larger harvest than what you can handle. You can try preserving a part of it then.

3. Onions-
This is an excellent choice for beginners because you are sure to get something out of it. Even if your onion does not produce tubers for you, you can still get some onion springs. They are very easy to grow. You can be sure that it is not a hassle to take care of them. Many people consider onions to be the hardiest vegetable available. That means they will need very little care from you if any at all. There are many varieties of onion so be sure to ask for the best one suited for the type of climate that you are in.

4. Potatoes-
This root crop is very easy to grow and if you get a huge harvest you can freeze it for a long period until you can use them. Some growers actually plant potatoes in straw rather than soil which is a lot easier to maintain. The seeds for this crop are tubers that have been cut in half and sold during springtime. Taking care of potatoes is pretty straightforward and it requires no special care or precautions to be taken.

5. Green Beans- Growers tend to agree that green beans are by far the most prolific of all crop plants that you can grow in your garden. These plants like well drained soil. You also have to make sure that the soil is very fertile for it to grow well. It is better if you can use soil that has not been recently planted with the same plant or other like potatoes and tomatoes as it might be lacking in the nutrients that it needs. The growing season for this type of plant should be anywhere between 50 to 80 days and that depends on the variety of green beans that you used.

6. Zucchini-
It is advisable to use the bush variety. This plant is so easy to grow and care for and it is highly likely that soon you are going to have more Zucchinis than you can handle. You can plant zucchinis individually or in groups. That should depend on how you much squash you want to harvest from your garden. This plant needs about 2 inches of rainwater each week. If the rainfall in your area is not sufficient then do manual watering. It is better to harvest the squash when they are still small so you can get them while still tender.

7. Basil- Growing herbs on your garden is good option that you should explore. They can be used to spice up your cooking. They can also give your garden a great aroma. One of the best herbs that you can grow is basil. It is easy to grow and it goes well with tomatoes. Basil needs good drainage in order for it to grow healthy. It also needs plenty of direct sunlight. If you are not so sure about the drainage quality of the ground in your garden then it is better to use containers for your basil plants. Make sure that you use gravel at the bottom of the containers and that it has enough holes.

8. Lettuce-
All varieties of lettuce are suitable plants for beginners who are just starting to grow crops. Lettuce has very shallow roots. That means that they can grow well in containers. They grow well under cold temperatures and need plenty of water to grow properly. They can handle light frost though if exposed for too long to very low temperature they can get damaged. They are perfect for growing during the early spring period. They are ideal for enjoying as salads so you have to stick to natural growing methods to ensure that the leaves are not exposed to harsh chemicals.

9. Peppers- Peppers are another group of crop plants that can be ideal for beginners to gardening. Bell and hot peppers are the most common types of peppers grown in many vegetable gardens. The biggest problem with peppers is that they are sensitive to temperature. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing about that, then it might be a good idea for you to buy plants that can be fully transplanted. You have to think about the kind of pepper that you want to get from the start since there are so many of them.

10. Strawberries-
Having some strawberries in your garden can be a very good idea. Ripe strawberries have the potential of being very sweet and then the plants can really withstand a lot of punishment from the environment that other plants can not weather. They are easy to grow and in fact they are some of the easiest plants that you can raise. Still there are some things that you need to bear in mind. Strawberries can be planted at anytime of the year although extreme weather conditions of course can damage the plants. Planting strawberries indoors is a good way of making sure that they are protected.

These are just ten outstanding crops that any beginner can plant and raise on his garden. These are all easy to grow and take care of.