10 Must Haves to Stock Your Potting Shed

If you are starting in gardening then the main thing to remember is that you should have the right kind of supply on hand. There are a lot of things that you are going to need in order to maintain your garden properly. If your garden is large enough then you might be able to have a potting shed there.

Why Have a Potting Shed? – If you are serious about gardening then you should think about erecting a potting shed in your place. That can make a things a lot more easier for you and can make your plants become healthier as well. Originally a potting shed is intended for moving the plants from one pot to another. The shed provides a convenient place for the gardener to do all the work involved. Today however a potting shed serves more as a tool house where all the necessary equipment and supplies can be kept.

Starting at Gardening? – If you are just starting out with gardening then there are certain things that you must have. You can forget about the more complicated stuff but there are some basic tools that you are going to need starting from day one.

1. Spading Fork-
You don’t get to work with your plants right away when you start at gardening. You need to do some time with raw earth first so that it can be prepared in the right way to grow your plants. The best way to till the soil in your garden is to use a spading fork. This tool looks like a miniature pitchfork. Obviously you are going to need it to dig into the ground and break up the earth. It can also be used for reaching the debris that are on the soil. This is the first tool that you are going to need.

2. Garden Hoe- Another gardening tool that you are going to need when you are just starting out with your gardening is the hoe. This tool is used primarily for removing the weeds and breaking up the surface of the garden. The traditional square type of hoe can be very useful for this. If you want more action however then you can use another type of hoe called the stirrup hoe. This type of hoe is also referred to as the action hoe. It’s blade is in the form of a stirrup hence the name. It moves at the place where it attaches to the handle. This movement allows it to be used for both pushing and pulling. The blade is sharpened on both sides.

3. Watering Can- You might think that this tool is outdated since you can use a garden hose in watering all of the plants. But a watering can never become outdated. It is still needed in watering the more fragile and delicate plants in the garden. The long nozzle also gives you the opportunity of reaching plants that might be covered by bigger growths on top. My advice is to pick a watering can with a weight when filled that is just right for you. Make it too heavy and you might have a hard time lugging it around the garden. Never mind if that means making more trips to the water source. Your comfort should come first.

4. Trowel-
Another tool that you must have when you are starting out in gardening is the trowel. In fact this is so useful that you can utilize it all throughout the period that you are engaged in this activity. I find it so useful that I hardly let go of the trowel when I am working on my garden. The best combination for a trowel is to get one with a steel blade and a handle that is made from soft rubber. That is the kind that I use. I don’t get any blisters and I can dig a lot faster with the sharp blade.

As You Get Along- After you have prepared your garden and your plants are starting to grow, you are going to need add a new set of tools in your potting shed stock.

1. Rakes- If your garden is bordered by trees then you are going to have some trouble once autumn sets in. Depending on the kind of trees that you have there, you might have your hands full with clearing all of the leaves that falls in. A good rake is the best tool for taking care of this kind of problem. I would suggest that you get a rake that is equipped with springs and are narrower than the usual so that they can cause less damage to the plants.

2.. Pruners
– As your plants grow then you have to do more advanced maintenance steps on them. One of those steps is pruning. Get the ones that can be sharpened so that you can have a clean and clear cut all the time.

3. Soil Knife- This is actually an all purpose tool that you can carry around when you are doing maintenance on your garden. Since it is bladed it can be used for cutting and pruning. It can also be used for digging around the roots of a plant.

Consumable Supplies You Must Have– Now we are through with the tools that you need to have on your garden, we now go to the consumable materials that you must have. These are the consumable stuff that is bound to get used up on your everyday gardening activities.

1. Garden Soil– If you are lucky then you might find that the soil in your garden is already well suited for growing plants. There are two types of garden soil that you can buy today and these are the natural and the synthetic. You might think that buying natural soil is preferable but the problem is that they usually contain weeds and seeds from other plants which can germinate in your garden and cause problems for you. You have to ask for specific soil types for the kind of plants that you have.

2. Fertilizers-
I don’t really like to use the term plant food in describing fertilizers since after all they are supposed to be able to come up with their own food. These nutrients however while they are not really essential to their growth can make them grow healthier and better. I would suggest that you don’t just go ahead and buy the first bag of fertilizer that you see. Have the soil in your garden tested first in order to find out about the nutrients that are lacking there. There are laboratories that can do this for you. Buying fertilizers that are filled with the wrong kind of nutrients can be hinder the growth of your plants.

While some people might disagree with the use of pesticides the fact remains that they are still useful in maintaining your garden and keeping it free from insects. It is a common misconception for people to suppose that the only purpose of pesticides is to kill insects and other pests. The truth is that it has a more important purpose in preventing the coming back of pests. So if you still are not familiar with all the methods of preventing pests from going back to your garden I suggest that you stock some mild pesticide in your potting shed.