Do Plants Need Oxygen to Grow Properly?

Gardening can be a very good hobby to have at home. You can take care of your favorite plants and not only watch them grow, but actually be responsible to the quality of its growth. There is a sense of responsibility in that, since the very life of the plants under your care depends on how much love and attention you actually provide. If you are fully focused on making sure that you have beautiful plants and that your garden thrives then there should be no problem at all. In a sense it could also serve as a great therapeutic activity, helping the person doing the gardening deal with the stress and problems that he might be facing in his life.

The personal experience that I have so far had in gardening is my greatest proof of how nice of a hobby it could be at home. There is just no describing the feeling of wonder and accomplishment every time I see that a plant that I have taken care of and nurtured has turned out to be a beautiful one. Perhaps the fact that I am able to take good care of something that has life, and done a really good job at it, is what has really made me so proud of my accomplishments when it comes to gardening. But I also had to start somewhere, and at first I was not as good as I am now. I needed to learn some basics about plants and how to take care of them. Some of those facts about plants are listed in the following:

What Plants Need to Live

Obviously, plants need food and water just like animals and humans do. They derive the nutrients and the water that they require from the soil, and it allows them to survive and thrive. And then there is their need for sunlight, which is a very important requirement for them to be able to manufacture the energy that they require for them to be able to grow properly. Now those are obvious requirements for plants, which even those who are not as interested in plants as I am are well aware of. That is also why every gardener or hobbyists who love different plants ensure that their plants get ample amount of sunlight, are watered regularly and properly, and are planted in soil that’s rich enough. Or, they could make use of some fertilizer, and the organic variety is definitely more desirable.

But Do Plants Need Oxygen?

But do plants require oxygen in order to grow properly? Everyone knows that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is the exact opposite of what we humans go through. So the question – do plants need oxygen to grow – is actually a very interesting one indeed. From the research that I have done, it seems that plants also make use of oxygen in order for them to grow properly. This is particularly true in the absence of sunlight, where the plants have to break down the sugar that was earlier produced in photosynthesis in order to release carbon dioxide, energy, and water. Oxygen is needed for this process. Another reason that plants require oxygen is when they need to convert everything that they consumed into energy.