Find Out what Evolutionary Development Allowed Plants to Grow Tall

Change is constant; change is the one thing we could expect in this world. We cannot resist it, and so all we can do about it is to adjust to the new situations and circumstances that are brought about by whatever changes come our way. Those who are able to deal and cope with it finds some measure of success in life, while those who cannot have a much harder time and some might even end up as failures.

Perhaps one of the most prominent manifestations of change is evolution. It is properly defined as change across successive generations of biological populations. It provides for diversity at all levels of biological organization. While not as easily discernible as other smaller changes that we encounter from day to day, evolution certainly has the most lasting impact, since it provides he changes that are inherent or comes naturally within each of us.

I have been particularly interested about every little change that happens not only in my personal life, but in general as well. Whenever I am in my introspective mood, I do think about it a lot, and evolution is inevitably a part of my thoughts on the subject. It is really just a result of my desire to be a little more thoughtful and sometimes even philosophical at times. Thinking a little more deeply about the changes in life and evolution is certainly a part of that.

Whenever I think about the process of evolution, my thoughts certainly center on the changes that human beings have had over the years. It just fascinates how much development and change has happened to man over the many thousands, perhaps even millions of years that have passed since man first appeared. Equally intriguing though are the changes that have happened to animals and plants. Particularly curious for me is the evolution of plants and how it really came about.

Evolutionary Development of Plants

Thinking about the evolution of plants has pushed me to do some research about it, and I found that it has resulted in the increase in the level of complexity of different types of plants. The plant groups that appear earlier have managed to continue thriving, new generations of plant organizations have proven to be much more successful than the ones that have come before it. That is proof of the success of evolutionary change right there, with the newer plants able to become more successful than its predecessors.

One question that I have thought about the evolution of plants is this – what evolutionary development allowed plants to grow tall? Quite an interesting question, no doubt, especially when you look at the plants that have indeed been able to grow tall.

I was able to learn that the development responsible for this is actually the appearance of a robust vascular system. Without which taller heights of plants would probably not have been possible at all. Another probable factor is the presence of pressure to actually attain greater height for the plants. Photosynthesis is one strong factor, as the taller plants could obviously get to harvest more sunlight for the process.