Good Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Looking for a hobby that’s sure to take all the stress away? Then gardening should be your answer. Gardening offers so many positives, not just as a hobby, but just as an activity that anybody and everybody can enjoy. If you are stressed and want to enjoy yourself while dealing with it, then gardening could offer a very good option. Working with the soil and planting nice looking plants have that effect.

It is like going back to basics, really. Since man has always had a close affiliation with the soil, which has served to sustain him ever since he first walked the Earth, it is only natural to take to it. And of course, gardening and planting really solidifies that connection between man, the soil, and just the whole environment where they are. I just think it’s harder to be more basic than that, growing plants either for the sheer beauty of it or for food.

I really haven’t had the opportunity to get into gardening earlier, but now that I have more spare time in my hands, it just felt to be the right time. Even though I have always had some curiosity for it, the time was simply not there, but now things are different. I can put my focus into it and also use more of my energy towards starting a little garden at home.

There are several concerns for me though. The first, and probably the most important one, is the fact that I have yet to learn the right kind of plants that I should plant in my garden. About that, I plan to do some extensive researching. I don’t want to plant something that’s totally inappropriate for my garden, even though I’m just starting out. I’d certainly love to know what the good plants to grow in my garden are.

Best Plants for My Garden

Right before I started with my garden, I decided that I would put a lot more focus on growing edible plants. Sure, I could add some nice, beautiful flowering plants much later on, but as of today I would stat off with plants that we could also eat at home. I think that growing fruits and/or vegetables also provides added incentive for the planting. Just knowing that you could enjoy what you’re planting later on just motivates you more.

The best choices for me and others with their own home garden:

Eggplants – I chose to plant eggplants because I simply love eating it. The purple color of the eggplant also presents a nice color to the garden, in my view. In order to produce a crop, about two to three months of warm temperature. It would be advisable to start with nursery grown plants rather than planting seeds. Eggplants that are planted with the proper spacing would make for a beautiful natural barrier.

Watermelon – One of my favorite fruits ever and just the perfect fruit for the summer, watermelons are perfect for picnic outings with the family. If you need to save space when growing the melons, use trellises so that you’d be able to plant more.

Cucumbers – A good reason to include cucumbers is the sheer number of ways that it could be served. Cucumbers could be served as appetizers, used in cold soups, and of course in salads. There are bush type cucumbers and there are also vine types that grow to around 25 feet.