So This is How to Plant Upside Down Tomatoes

Something we need to do things a little differently. Being different doesn’t mean that it is wrong or not as effective like when it is done the conventional way. To do things in a different way might seem surprising or even strange to some, but as long as the results are the same or maybe even better, then that’s what ultimately maters. You need to look at the effect and the results, which should easily justify the different means, the different approach.

Doing something in a different way has its own advantages and fine points. And many are actually doing it, and it has become quite acceptable because of that. Its appeal lies not only in its being unconventional but also in its effectiveness, and that’s why people are continuously drawn to it.

That is the very reason why I am attracted to doing things differently as well. My interest and desire though is a little tempered and not on the too unconventional side. I have never strayed too far from the conventional and conservative ways that I have always been accustomed to. My involvement in things that are viewed as a little different is relegated in simple and practical things. One example was when I decided to plant tomatoes upside down.

How to Plant Upside Down Tomatoes

Planting tomatoes or other kinds of plants in an upside down manner is usually down out of necessity, and not just out of a desire to simply be different. Although the person who’s going to do still need to be open to such things.

One of the biggest reasons to do upside down planting is if there is a lack of space for the usual way of planting. Other reasons are the following: there’s no longer any need for weeding; no more staking as gravity will do its thing; fewer or no root rot or soil diseases; better air circulation.

Now, about how to actually do it: The first step would be to find a plastic hanging planter (preferably a large one – about 12”) and a tomato plant. With the use of a 2” hole saw, a hole must be drilled at the bottom of the pot. A piece of fabric should be placed over the bottom of the pot. A landscaping fabric could be a nice option for this. The dirt will not be able to wash into the hole whenever the plant is being watered.

The next step would be to cut through the fabric by a few inches, just enough to feed the tomato’s root ball through it. The tomato plant should be felt through the hole, and all this while the pot is hanging and you could also do it by having someone hold the pot while you use one hand for supporting the plant and the other hand for filling the pot with the potting soil that the tomato plant would need. Then tamp the dirt that’s all around the root ball of the tomato plant. You could choose to plant some herbs on top of the pot as an option for your finishing touch.