Find Out How do Silk Worms Make Silk?

Curiosity can make its presence felt at any time. Its appearance might be triggered by something that proves to be fascinating to the individual. He might have personally encountered or experienced it, or it might be something that he has heard or read about from a secondary source. Whatever reason the person involved has to be curious, it surely leads to additional knowledge and even wisdom on his part.

Quite frankly, there are so many things to be curious about. There are the simple, everyday things, and then there are the things that are deemed much more important and should be taken more seriously. Well at least that is how some view it to be. And it is very interesting, really, how people can consider some things to be more important and need to be known more than others.

The curiosity that I feel for a lot of things has somewhat defined my personality. It is how people know me and look at me. I’m known as someone who’s always out to learn something new and always asking questions about the most insignificant things, or what seems insignificant to some. One such question involves silk worms, actually. It was when I just really thought about this question – how do silk worms make silk?

Silk Worms and How They Make Silk

Silk worms and their ability to make very soft silk fibers have been known to man for thousands of years. Their usefulness or the knowledge of it dates back to 3000 B.C. when the Chinese first learned of this unique ability of the silk worms. The silk worms were cultivated and then encouraged to breed in what were artificial environments in order to produce as much silk as possible.

To those who have wondered where silk worms come from, they are actually the caterpillar form of the silk moth. When in their adult moth form, the silk moths measure about two inches across each wing tip. The silk worms, when still in their caterpillar form, measure about three inches long and its appearance have it looks like a worm that actually has a small horn at the back side of the body. The color of the silk worm is white and with a little pink or green to it.

As for the question of how the silk worms are able to produce the silk, the silk that are produced by the silk worms is actually made the fibers used for making their cocoon. This happens before the silk worms transform and become moths. The silky substance that’s used for making the silk is secreted from the back end of the silk worm. In order to make the cocoon, the silk worm needs to spin around a total of about 300,000 times and which has led to the process of creating the silk and the cocoon being known as “spinning”.

When it comes to harvesting the silk, it is done by heating the harder exterior of the cocoon with steam, and it effectively separates the fibers. After that, the fibers are spun into long threads, and it is later treated, dyed, and then woven to create silk clothing.