Steps on How to Plant Zoysia Seed

Feeling all stressed out from work and many other things in life? If so, then finding some relaxing time at home should be your thing. Nothing beats getting some quality time at home and doing activities these that are meant to keep your mind off the troubles and problems that are present in other aspects of your life.

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Among the many activities that could be done at home and help deal with stress is gardening. There is just a therapeutic side to it that allows those who engage in gardening to forget about the stressful situations or even help them solve it permanently. Maybe it has something to do that gardening involves planting and then taking care of living things, it may be a factor.

There are many options as far as the plants that could be used for gardening are concerned. Fruits and vegetables would always be at the top of the list of those who’s like to eat what they grow and flowering plants for those who want to make their yard look nice and refreshing. And if you simply want to grow a lawn then you could choose Zoysia and similar plants.

Planting Zoysia Seeds

So for those who might want to know how to plant Zoysia seed, here are the instructions on how to do it:

First of all, Zoysia grass is quite hardy and a nice choice as an alternative to regular seeding. It is nice to grow on a lawn since it is tolerant of foot traffic.

• You need to mow the grass as short as possible and then with the use of a garden rake, de-thatch the area. Then water the soil that has been de-thatched to make it easier to dig.

• Proceed to dig holes that are a little larger than the Zoysia grass plugs that would be planted. A nice little hand spade would do as the plugs are about 1 inch in size. The holes should at least 12 inches apart, especially since the Zoysia would eventually cover up the entire lawn so there is no need to plant it too close to one another.

• Put a small amount of fertilizer at the bottom of each hole. Place a plug in each hole and then put back the soil that was taken out when it was dug. Pres firmly around the plug to make sure there is no pocket hole around it.

• Water thoroughly after planting, and then make sure to water it for one to two weeks after planting, or until the plugs are already established.