ShivYog Meditation for Beginners

For medical understanding, meditation is an alternative therapy for the human mind and body; whereas, for the spiritual point of view, meditation is a healing practice for the human soul. In general sense, inner peace, relaxation, and cleansing of the soul—these are just three of the believed benefits of meditation.

Although the primary aspects of doing meditation rely on tranquility of the environment and focusing of the breathing and mind, it is quite interesting to find out that there are in fact various techniques and types of meditation available for everyone. An interesting type of meditation, which I have recently discovered is related to Hindu religion. This is the ShivYog meditation.

ShivYog is derived from Hinduism beliefs. The term “shiv” means “infinite,” while “yog” means “union.” And so, ShivYog means the union with the infinite. The whole context relates to Shiva, the goddess of the yogis, self-controlled, and celibate. Shiva is also known to be the destroyer, because with this belief, everything ends in order to have a new creation. In Hinduism, yoga and meditation are parts of its culture. And, deities are usually associated with yoga and meditation. Hinduism believes that the path of Shiva is the path to ascetic yogi, the absolute form of mediation, where everything transforms into formless essence, lets things go, and brings back a positive renewed energy in the soul.

It is believed that ShivYog meditation has the following benefits:

1. The dysfunctional organs can be revived because of the capability of this practice to regenerate the human cells
2. Self-rejuvenation
3. Can heal the twelve houses of horoscope for good luck and the removal of obstacles
4. Healthy and happy relationship with loved ones
5. Self-realization
6. Can help an individual lead a balanced life
7. Allows one to feel the presence of a supreme being within
8. Gives purpose in life and mental clarity

ShivYog meditation for beginners is similar to other mediation techniques, but only differs in the origin and mindset on the practice.
Stay in a peaceful surrounding, where you can be at peace with yourself and nature. Then, seat in an upright position. Focus on yourself, allowing you to feel the inner presence and essence of your individuality and spirituality, unleashing all desires but maintaining the consciousness of your own. Some may describe the state of being as if floating in the universe with infinite freedom. Concentration is key. Explore your inner self and the universe around you through the eyes of a child, without boundaries and inhibitions, until you can feel a divine healing energy flowing in you, making you feel all positive vibes around you.