Advice on Manifestation Meditation

With the everyday hustle and bustle of human life. People become too preoccupied with the responsibilities, obligations, and desires. Most people no longer have time to relax because of their desires to acquire more of what they need to compensate with their responsibilities, obligations, and wants. However, what seem to be the immediate solution for these is to work hard to earn more. Although it is three that working hard helps you earn more money, there is another solution to lessen the pressure to strive harder. What most people don’t know is, people can strive harder without being too stressed out. Enthusiastic and professional meditators claim the effectiveness of a meditation technique to help humans acquire their desires. This technique is called the manifestation meditation.

To understand fully the term, let us define each of the words. The term “manifestation” means a clear example of thoughts. To manifest means to be easily or clearly seen or understood by the human mind. Whereas, meditation simply means the total relaxation of the mind, benefiting the body and soul. In context, the manifestation meditation is a technique to influence the mind’s manifestation through meditation. The idea is to focus the mind in order for its desires to manifest.

This technique needs more practice than the basic meditation exercise. Later, you will learn why. Also, this manifestation meditation technique does not provide instant result. The result is progressive. It does not happen over night. The first day of meditation most likely to be disappointing, if the desired relaxation does not happen.

If you think getting yourself relaxed in a meditating position is the first step, well, you are wrong. You must first make a doable plan in this pursuit. Although some meditators recommend only ten minutes a day for seven days, the longer the practice is said to acquire the more desirable result. This may take up to thirty days, but may be even more helpful if the practice continues as if already part of your everyday routine. Then, make your manifestation visible. If you desire to have a Coca Cola-shaped body but do not have money to undergo cosmetic surgery, cut out an image of your desired body and tape it on any surface which you can see everyday. Then, write on your journal the effective ways on how you can attaint it. , like regular cardiovascular exercise. But, also include your gratitude toward everything you have at the present, like a strong body, supportive friends and family. Remember, you need optimism in order for this technique to materialize. This is because being grateful welcomes positive vibes.

Once you already know exactly what you want, then begin the meditation proper. Feel the connection of nature in your body. When you are on the total state of relaxation, focus your mind into your desires and make it manifest by saying it, making it a mantra of your existence. “I am sexy.” Focus the mind into your desires.