The Power of Meditation

Meditation is an inward journey. It is an exceptional exercise that allows total relaxation and calmness of the mind. It allows a person to be interconnected with nature and his self in solitude. One doesn’t need to go in far-away places or caves just to accomplish the proper meditation practice. Most people who do meditation opt to stay inside their bedrooms and play a classical music in the background when meditating. Meditation is also recommended to be done in the morning, when the mind is more relaxed and before you begin your day. This is because meditation also gives the positive vibes people need when starting the day.

Relax but alert mind—contrasting, isn’t it? But not complicated. You have to focus your mind into good vibes and letting go of the bad vibes, but relaxing it as it undergoes deep concentration. Focus and relax until such time when you feel like floating in full serenity.

People may wonder why meditation practice is so popular. What is really the power of meditation? Enthusiastic meditators claim that meditation has a healing power. The healing process is not the typical physical healing of corporeal wounds, but the healing happens within, in the mind, in the soul, in the spirit. Once the healing within has been accomplished, only then you can observe physical healing. It is only then when you can feel good about yourself inside and actually transmit it physically.

The healing power of meditation is observed through the various benefits the practice brings to people. Meditation benefits the body, mind, soul, and spirit of a person. Stress prevention, release of accumulated stress, reduced high blood pressure, reduced anxiety attacks, decreased tension-related pain, increased serotonin production, improvement of the immune system, development of intuition, increased creativity, feeling of happiness, and improved emotional stability are some of the proven benefits and the components in the healing power of meditation.

Those who are living a very busy and stressful life, with no time for themselves and no time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life are those who must practice meditation. It is not true that people have no time to do this and that. It is just a matter of prioritizing and becoming aware of the potentials of a human being in life. With meditation, we are being drawn into harmony with God’s creations because we concentrate not only in our physical environment and self, but also the air we breathe, the sound in our surroundings, and the everyday circumstances we experience.