Introducing the Money Magnet Meditation Technique

Money is everything; most people believe. While some argues that money can’t buy happiness and love, some also believes that money is essential. We are alive because we have to live. We cannot eat happiness and love in order to live. We need food, clothes, and shelter to live. And for us to have these, for us to live, we need money to buy our basic necessities.

It is reality that people work in order to earn money, to live. And, it is also reality that earning money is not easy. Working hard—even two jobs a day—is an aspect that people look into to earn money. But, what most people don’t know is, there is an efficient technique, an opposite of the other, to help a person attract money and his or her other desires.

Why is it an opposite of the other? Well, because in working hard, people are excreting mental, psychological, and physical efforts, thus stressing the mind, soul, and body. Whereas in this other technique, people are allowed to completely relax and attract all positive energies that may help them attract money, increase their financial abundance, and their other desires. This is what we call the money magnet meditation technique.

Yes, people can attract money and all other desires through meditation. Meditators believe that the natural state of the universe is in abundance, and we, as human beings, God’s own creation, have connections to that abundance through meditation.

Meditation helps the human mind, soul, and body to feel relaxed. And the focus of meditation should be something this person desires. In this case, it is money. The first technique, which is the common way in practicing meditation, is to bring yourself in the state of trance, of total relaxation, whether inside your bedroom or quite garden, whether you choose a classical music background or just listen to the breeze of the wind, the chirps of the birds. Then, when you already feel that connection between you and your universe, when you have let go of all things that is bothering you, visualize your desire. Visualize millions of dollars pouring down from the sky. Visualize your dreams. Communicate to your inner self that one day, you will attain these. Optimism is key.

It is recommended for people to do the money magnet meditation twice a day: when you wake up and before you go to bed. Another reminder, as you go along this process, be mindful of your surroundings and possible opportunities around you. Those might be the keys to your success.