Chakra Meditation for Beginners

We have previously discussed about what meditation is and what are the proven health benefits of this practice to the human mind, body, and soul. But, what others barely know is that meditation has different kinds, too, each specifying on a much distinct healing and relaxing purpose. Today, I am going to discuss the Chakra meditation for beginners.

Unlike the other kinds of meditation that limit the focal point to one subject only, the Chakra meditation makes use of seven focal points, or what are called the seven chakras. These focal points are the centers of energies in the human body. For the beginners of this practice, let me discuss first what are the seven chakras and their attachment to the human body.

The Seven Chakras

On top of the head you’ll find the Crown Chakra, symbolizing the enlightened and glowing violet. It is known for the amethyst, diamond, or quartz crystal gem. The Crown Chakra deals with the mind, spirit, inspiration, divine wisdom, and the oneness with the universe.

On the center of your forehead you’ll find the Brow Chakra, symbolizing intuition and glowing indigo. It is known for the lapiz lazuli and sapphire gems. The region of the “Third Eye” deals with perception beyond the physical, imagination, and clairvoyance.

On the area of the throat you’ll find the Throat Chakra, symbolizing creativity and glowing sky blue. It is known for the blue topaz gem. The Throat Chakra is deals with the power of communication, honesty, and kindness.

At the center of the chest you’ll find the Heart Chakra, symbolizing love and glowing green. It is known for the emerald and malachite gems. Forgiveness, passion, compassion, balance, and harmony radiates from this chakra.

Above the naval area you’ll find the Solar Plexus Chakra, symbolizing power and glowing yellow. It is known for the amber and gold gems. Here, self-control, discipline of the ego, and force of transformation radiate.

At the lower abdomen you’ll find the Naval Chakra, symbolizing libido and glowing orange. It is known for the coral gem. This chakra is responsible for the physical feelings of love and passion, also the acts of giving and receiving, and sexuality.

At the base of the spine you’ll find the seventh chakra—the Root Chakra, glowing the color red and known for ruby and garnet gems. The entities that are linked in this chakra are the body’s physical constitution, health, and security. This chakra gives the ability of an individual to master his or her own body.