Christian Meditation for Beginners

Previously, we have discussed some kinds of meditation. Today, you’ll learn a new kind of meditation that most likely relevant if you believe in prayers. Here is a guide on what to expect and how to do the Christian meditation for beginners.

Christian meditation is also a form of prayer, where in an individual engages or focuses his or her thoughts and reflection spiritually for the love of God. Christian meditation is a mental prayer, that if one gets accustomed with it may acquire a strong faith and prayer life with God. This kind of meditation draws a person closer to God through a mental conversation with him. The difference of the Christian meditation among other kinds of meditation is the mind continuously engages in an active mental conversation with God unlike with the other kinds wherein the practice focuses on relaxing the mind and not engaging in anything that may distract or put stress. It is like emptying the mind in order to fully relax and embrace positive energy.

With Christian meditation, aside from relaxing the body through patterned breathing, spirituality is renewed, which makes the entire or holistic self improved. For Christians and Catholic, having a strong faith and relationship with God are the answers to everything. God is the most important being in their lives.

The process of Christian meditation is basic. Of course you need a quiet place where there are no distractions and a good seating position that will help you feel relaxed. In this kind of meditation, an individual can use a mantra. But, instead of Hindu mantras, an individual should reflect on a Scripture. The passage in the Scripture is the mantra. And so, each day, people get to reflect on different words of God which will be their guide for the whole day. Before one begins the meditation proper, read the passage first, twice or thrice, slowly, until the passage is instilled in the mind. Then, one can close his or her eyes and continue mentally saying the passage. Reflect on the passage by connecting it into one’s own life and converse with the Lord. A good ten minutes of Christian meditation a day is sufficient to keep your spiritually grounded before you begin your day. And, always end your meditation by saying thanks to the Lord for the blessings.

There are also Christian meditation CDs which one may utilize, if preferred. For beginners, Christian meditation CDs may be very helpful.