Tratak Meditation Guide

In meditation, our mind has the most important role. In order for our entire being to relax and be in a state trance and fluidity, we must be able to become worry-free and empty minded. However, with the relentless hustle and bustle of urban living nowadays, people are bombarded with too much to worry and too much stressors. It is seems like before we go to bed, we still worry about our tomorrow and future, and as we wake up, there comes the problems again, unresolved. This, of course, affects our everyday dealing and our performance at work. And so, I will introduce to you a kind of ancient meditation practice that has been proven to be effective in healing our mind’s disturbances. This is the Tratak meditation guide.

The Method

Actually, the Tratak meditation method is the same as the common meditation method, but there are just a few modified and added techniques. So, choose a tranquil place where you cannot be disturbed for about 10 minutes. Place a lighted candle three feet away in front of you. You must put the lighted candle on top of a sturdy table in such a way that when you sit down, the light is eye level with you. This lighted candle will be the object of your concentration. Now, sit up straight. Remember, meditation is not only for the inner self and the mind. Meditation provides good posture when practiced correctly. Ancient meditators believe that it is easy for the inner energy to flow into your body when you sit with your spine erected. Keep your eye focused on the flame of the candle as you slowly breathe in and breathe out. It is normal that your mind will entertain negative or bothersome thoughts. Be vigilant by avoiding these thoughts to take over your concentration. When you feel comfortable and peaceful, and the light and energy from the flame is flowing into your inner self through your eyes, slow close your eyes. At this point, you must be able to still visualize the flame in the middle of your brow. It is believed that it is in this location where the third eye is located. You must not lose the vision of the flame in your mind. It must glow the same way it does when you can see it visually.

The Tratak meditation is said to help improve mental capacity and clarity, increase one’s alertness, ability to control situations, confidence level, stability in thoughts, and helps improve one’s eyesight.