Is Meditation Easy to Do? Learn Tips from an Enthusiast

Several decades ago, meditation was once part of religion, particularly Hinduism. Today, it has become a worldly activity recognized as a beneficial practice to relieve stress and for mental peace. In the world we are living in today, where a lot of saddening news happen and the demands to sustain a living is high, mental stress and worries are taking a toll in our physical, mental, and psychological state. However, due to the discovered and proven health benefits of meditation, people are embracing this practice as an everyday activity, ideally before they start their day.

I have been practicing meditation for the past four years already and I truly acknowledge its effectiveness for my positive outlook and dealings in life. “Is meditation easy to do?” I get a lot of this question from friends and colleagues. Well, I usually answer, “Just like the old adage, practice makes perfect.”

I have mastered the most common technique in meditation called the mindfulness or still meditation. This practice increases one’s concentration and consciousness on the positive energy only.

I will share with you simple yet useful tips on how to meditate successfully. First, I encourage you to meditate in the morning before you start your day. It will help you sustain an optimistic perspective on how you go about the rest of your day. Second, find a meditation spot where you can stay for at least 10 minutes without disturbance. I do meditation in my bedroom, facing the window, so I can see the nature outside and the greeneries that help relax my eyes. Third, sit in a comfortable upright seating position, whether you sit on the floor cross-legged or on a stool. I would like to emphasize on sitting upright because it can help you relax easily and more importantly, it will enhance your posture.

Fourth, for beginners, I recommend you to use meditation music or pre-recorded audio file that has someone instructing you on what to do next and a mellow background music. I used this when I was a beginner and it truly helped me relax easily. Fifth, clear your mind using a mental mantra. Think of something you want to maintain for the rest of the day then mentally say it several times as you do the meditation. Do not entertain negative thoughts. Observe your inner self. Concentrate on happy and progressive thoughts. Wait for that blissful feeling of complete calmness and overflowing energies within. The first time I felt success in doing meditation, I was smiling unknowingly. And then, end your meditation by taking a deep breath, exhale, and then open your eyes.

The first try can be quite a challenge, especially on the relaxation part, but once you’ve mastered your own techniques, meditation is easy as 1, 2, 3.