Meditation Music – Is It Really Effective?

In meditation, one of the challenges beginners face is the ability to calm and relax the entire body and mind. Due to the stressful circumstances people encounter every day, it is really difficult to find inner peace, and so this problem in meditation arises. Being in a state of total relaxation and able to let positive energy flow in are representations of a successful meditation practice. So, how can you attain these if you are having a difficult time relaxing to start with? In meditation for beginners, the aid of meditation music is normally recommended.

Research reveals that from the dawn of civilization, meditation music already existed. It is believed to balance human organisms through the rhythmic patterns of tones to obtain harmony. Also, there are studies that conclude the influence of meditative music in the improvement of the endocrine glands and blood chemistry.

The most apparent benefit of using meditation music is that it sets the mood in preparation for the meditation proper. Meditation is recommended to be practiced in the morning, before anyone starts his or her day because it is the time of the day when people need to declutter the mind with so much stress and worries from yesterday to start anew. The meditation music used in the morning should produce refreshing, tender, and calming sounds linked to the rhythms produced from the sounds of chirping birds, swaying leaves, and breezing wind. But, for those who prefer to perform meditation at night or before going to bed, the kind of meditation music which they can listen to must produce soothing sounds of inspiration, happiness, satisfaction, and calmness of the ocean and moonlight.

Aside from the power of meditation music to regulate one’s mood, it can also save physical and spiritual energies, inspire one’s initiative and motivation, harmonize the physical body and inner self with the natural environment, stimulate conscious responsiveness, and heal a person’s spirit and soul.

During the 90s, music composers such as Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, Terry Riley, and Karlheinz Stockhausen combined music and meditation to come up with meditation music compositions. At present, meditation music albums can be purchased in-store and online. See how it is widely accepted and appreciated in this millennium? Some examples are Blissful Sadhana by Dharampal Kur, Angels of Awakening by Dharm Khalsa, The Sound of Existence: Planetary Gongs by Kulbir Kaur, and many more.

Some prefer to use headphones when listening to meditation music. Whatever selection or composition of meditation music you use and whether you use headphones or speakers, the choices depend on your own taste and your own ability to obtain total relaxation through the help of this meditation music.