Finding the Best Meditation App for iPhone and Blackberry Users

A major contributor of stress experienced by many of us is the fast-paced demands of urban living nowadays. It seems like most of us work more than treat ourselves with an R&R at least once a week. Being workaholics exhausts our bodies and makes us at risk of stress and its affects on the body. It gets worse when we also face other stressors at home, from relationships, from sickness, and other issues.

However, amidst all these difficulties, there is always a solution to reduce our level of stress and acquire other health benefits as well. Meditation is often associated with relieving stress. There are many research studies and papers finding that a good 10 minutes of meditation a day gives positive feedback to the mind, body, and spirit of a person. But, what if your schedule won’t permit you to carve out at least 10 minutes of your daily routine in the morning because you’re too much in a hurry to dress and be on time at work or you are too tired at the end of the day that just merely closing your eyes for a few seconds will knock you out to sleep?

These are the inevitable problems that meditative geniuses and gurus wanted to resolve. I have no idea who first thought of programming mobile applications for meditation, but whoever that person is, is pure genius! With all the worries we have every day, it is just too hard to concentrate on a single positive thought and relax. Our mind and body need to be stimulated in order to help us meditate.

And since most of us are always on the go, it is really amazing and helpful that there are now available meditation applications that make it easier to meditate whenever, wherever, as long as you have your smartphone or iPhone. Especially now that everything seems to be technologically advanced and right at hand, it is easy to have access to a lot of apps through gadgets and portable devices. This is true of the best meditative apps as well.

These great and cheap and in many cases free meditative apps are auditory meditation guides which you can simply download from the Internet and use anytime. Apple and Blackberry have the best meditation apps that I have found. Here are 5 of the best iPhone meditation apps and 3 of the best meditation apps for Blackberry:

Simply Being – Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence, Relax & Rest Guided Meditations, Take a Break! – Guided Meditations for Stress Relief, The Chakra Deck, and Pure Meditation Premium are the best meditation apps from the iTunes store for Apple. Meanwhile, Relax Meditation Sounds I and II, Self-Hypnosis for Quiet Mind Meditation, and Deep Relax by Darren Marks are among the best meditation apps for Blackberry.