Deep Breathing Meditation Techniques Help Heal Anxiety and Promote Vigorous Health

Meditation begins with proper breathing techniques. Breathing is an essential element in meditation because it helps the entire body and mind relax effortlessly. However, most people think that breathing techniques for meditation are just like the ordinary breathing activity we do. But, it is not. In meditation, there is a concept called mindful breathing, which later on became known as breathing meditation.

Breathing properly increases our lungs’ supply of oxygen and stimulates our heart to pump blood at healthier pace. When these functions are primed, the entire body becomes refreshed, healthier, and energetic. These meditation breathing techniques also cure internal health conditions. So, it is important that each and every one of us know the proper breathing meditation techniques to maximize and achieve the benefits of meditation. Here are the guidelines:

Breathing meditation is preferably done in a sitting position. Sit up straight, with your spine aligned naturally. Observe and be patient until your body feels comfortable in that sitting position. Close your eyes when that feeling of peace comes over you. Now, inhale deeply through your nose. Feel the air flowing into your lungs and blood vessels. Feel your lungs expand and contract maximally. Then, hold your breath for at least 3 seconds before you exhale.

Be yourself, be present, be aware. Feel the toxins, worries, sadness, all negativity, leave your body as you exhale. Continue this activity until you feel settled down and more relaxed. In this state, you will observe that you become more connected with your senses. You become aware of what is going on around you but you continue to feel stillness in your body, as if it is flowing with the air you breathe. You should be able to feel the air moving in and out of your body, like a silent stream eliminating negative energies and then welcoming positive sensations.

As you proceed with this deep breathing meditation techniques exercise, you will observe that you can no longer manipulate how long you hold your breath and how deep you breathe. Everything will happen naturally. No pressure, no control, no manipulation. Just you, your body, your mind, and a peaceful universe around you.

Do you know that breathing meditation helps cure anxiety? It is because as we slow down our breathing and as we take deep breaths and meditate, our thoughts and entire body slow down as well, making them more relaxed and tension free. It helps the mind become clear and focused. So, even if we live a busy life every day, doing breathing meditation for at least 5 minutes won’t impede our schedule very much and yet it will contribute immensely towards our overall health.