The Lasting Benefits of Meditation

It is amazing how some are enthusiastic to learn the benefits of meditation at the start of their meditation journey. But it is even more fulfilling to be able to educate people so that they may learn to include the many benefits of meditation into their daily lives. This is what this article is all about — educating people about meditation and its lasting benefits.

Meditation is a self-induced mental practice to attain total relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. According to, the word “meditation” came from the Latin word “meditatio” and derived from the word “meditari,” which means to think, contemplate, devise, and ponder.

What do people ponder on while meditating?

Often times, we are bombarded with a lot of worries, problems and anxieties due to our everyday stressors that affect our performance, attitude, outputs, mental state, interrelationships, spirituality, and health.

Meditators believe that we need to relax the body, mind, and spirit to eliminate all negativities within us so that we may perform well in our daily activities and instead of focusing on our predicaments we must focus on letting them go and inviting positive energies into our minds only. I describe the benefits of meditation as lasting because the outcomes of meditation will come from within and will then be manifested in the physical body. The effects last if the practice is maintained successfully. Meditation is not like a monthly subscription. It is a practice of a lifetime.

The most apparent lasting benefit of meditation is manifested in the mind. We need to learn how to control our thoughts to achieve inner peace and let go of the worries so that we may have a clear mind to find solutions and avoid distraction. Meditation improves concentration, mental awareness, and alertness. Also, I have observed that people who make meditation a habit are more optimistic and joyous than those who do not meditate. Meanwhile, in the spiritual aspect of an individual, meditation serves as a medium of prayer in silence that allows a person to mentally converse with their Supreme Being.

Aside from these mental benefits of meditation, meditation has many physical health benefits too. Meditation is proven to cure headaches, stress, anxiety, and other chronic ailments. It also improves posture, blood pressure, circulation of oxygen in the lungs, and blood flow.

I recommend meditating for a good 10 minutes every morning before you start your day. If you still have time at night you may also meditate before going to bed to release the bad vibes and energy from the day so that you may enjoy a rewarding sleep and awake refreshed and energized for a new day.