How to Relax Your Mind

Aside from the uniqueness in traits, personalities, and genetic makeup, each individual has unique ways in coping with all mental and health conditions. Today, our focus is dealing with stress. Stress is common to all people. Often times, the mind suffers from this and when our mind is stressed out, our overall performance suffers as well.

Although we can’t really avoid circumstances that trigger stress, we can be relieved through our own efforts. An effective way to relieve the mind from stress is through relaxation. We have discussed previously meditation and yoga, which are proven techniques in providing total relaxation of the mind, but in fact, I believe that no meditation or formal technique is needed to help the mind to relax, especially in a short span of time. Only your own self can discover ways on how to relax the mind because every individual goes through different levels of stress and some techniques may not be effective for every one.

Let me share with you my own discovered techniques that might help you learn how to relax your mind. I am not encouraging you to do exactly as I did, but these are just options and guides from which you can try to discover your own. Let us take for example stress in a workplace.

1. Take a break. Stress makes everyone unproductive at work. So, when you feel that your mind is cluttered and that you can no longer come up with your creative juices or business presentation ideas, drop whatever you’re doing and take three deep breaths before you stand up to take a much-needed break.

2. Get yourself a cup of any beverage. Refresh yourself with a favorite drink. I recommended non caffeinated beverages as caffeine can cause even more nervousness and jitters which is not good when trying to relax your mind and overcome your stress. Green or black tea are okay, but a herbal tea like chamomile or a nice sparkling water or juice are better bets.

3. Browse magazines, books, or websites that interest you. This technique works well for me. Sometimes, work-related activities are not to our liking and we need to do them regardless. But we can take breaks, surf the net a bit, even just stare out the window and imagine something more pleasant like our upcoming vacation. Doing this for just a minute or 2 can help.

4. Do sitting meditation. In a workplace, seated meditation is possible. Just stop whatever you’re doing, sit up straight in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and meditate for just five minutes before you go back to work. Let go of thoughts that are bothering you as you meditate. Imagine an ocean washing away your thoughts into its big watery body.

5. Visit the mall, meet a friend, or go to one of your happiest places after work. After a hard day’s work, all of us deserve to do whatever might please us, which is usually totally not related to anything that causes us stress. This is why TV is so popular. However, more beneficial ideas might be reading a good book. Taking a stroll in the park or playing with your kids or pets.

Although discovering your own techniques to relax the mind and eliminate stress is accomplished through trial and error, it is definitely worth it. Learning how to deal with stress is very beneficial and actually makes you more productive.