Best Way to Meditate is through Meditation Beads

Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices available to us. It has long been known to us as a means of reaching or attaining an ideal state of spiritual or emotional consciousness. Attaining the inner peace and calm that is the primary purpose of practicing meditation is something that most of us aspire to. It is one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress and all kinds of problems, so that alone make it quite desirable. Plus, it serves other purposes too, like increased self awareness and making the practitioner feel as if he is at one with his surroundings and even the universe. So we can say that meditation appeals to all kinds of people, those just wanting to find an effective way of dealing with their personal issues, as well as to those seeking broader and deeper meanings.

Mala Beads: The Instrument

The practice of meditation is definitely beneficial. It can provide its practitioners with a lot of benefits. However, there are times when it is extremely difficult to channel our thoughts and emotions and keep it focused inward or whatever our object is during meditation. It is a situation that is most frequently encountered by those who are still beginners to the practice. To help those who meditate in focusing on the task at hand, the use of meditation beads is recommended. The beads, or the Mala beads to be exact, are 108 beads joined together and with one main or summit bead. Material for the Mala beads can either be basil or sandal wood, crystals, rukraksh seeds, among others.

Using the Beads

It is very important to know how to use the beads properly, because it will help determine if it is actually helping in your efforts to meditate properly. One of the things that you need to make sure of before proceeding with the meditation using the beads is that you are wearing comfortable clothing. It would go a long way towards helping you use the beads properly. Also bear in mind that the use of the beads need to be in perfect harmony with your breathing as well as the chanting of your preferred mantra, should you happen to choose one.

Right before meditating, make sure you hold the beads correctly, which should be with the right hand. You can then choose between two ways of using the beads, which is both effective and have the same results. The first one is where you have the meditation beads between the thumb and the ring finger. Do not use the index finger to handle the beads. As you chant the mantra repeatedly, you need to use the middle finger to move the beads one by one towards you. The second way to use it is to hang the beads on the middle finger, while using the thumb to move the beads towards you in a rotating manner and as the mantra is said repeatedly. Each process of meditation has to begin with the so called summit bead. A round is completed upon reaching the summit. Keep in mind that you must never pass the summit, and if you happen to need another round of meditation, simply reverse the beads and proceed until you are able to reach the summit once more. Additional information about meditation and meditation beads can be accessed by visiting