Learn Zen Meditation Techniques for Beginners

You might have heard of meditation and what it could to help people. Those who are seeking relief from stress and everyday problems can find it by practicing meditation, and many have actually done so. Who wouldn’t want to be relieved of the burdens of stress and worries that serve as unnecessary burdens to the mind and the heart? Anyone would be likely to look for the solution to it, if only they can. The willingness, the desire is definitely there, and they only need to learn where to look for the answer. That is where meditation can really help.

Some probably regard meditation as something complicated, and would require much time and effort to learn. In a sense that is true about meditation, particularly the part where you need to devote enough time for learning and then practicing it. Others think that there is only one type of meditation, not knowing that there easily several kinds of it and there are different ways to practice it. That is definitely an erroneous belief, and those interested in learning meditation will soon find out the truth. But most people’s concept of meditation is actually Zen meditation, it being one of the most popular, as well as among the simplest and most effective.

Beginning Zen Meditation

To learn Zen meditation techniques for beginners is a definitive first step towards solving many personal issues problems. The benefits are real and undeniable, but before all of it can be realized, one needs to have a basic understanding of Zen meditation first. Zen meditation is one of the purest forms of meditation, designed to help its practitioner achieve enlightenment. To reach an advanced state of wisdom, which is still rooted in simplicity and inner peace and calm, one needs to learn the right process. Only then will an individual truly realize the self awareness and heightened state of mind that meditation is supposed to provide.

The Steps

The steps in order to do Zen meditation techniques for beginners should be followed closely to achieve maximum results. Analyzing it carefully, one can see that it is not as complicated as it seems, but requires utmost dedication and focus to be able to realize the benefits that it offers. Here are the steps that a Zen practitioner needs to do:

• Right before proceeding with the meditation, one can choose to use a pillow or not, as it depends on the kind of meditation position that will be done, and also if the individual is comfortable with its use.
• Zen meditation or Zazen is actually meditation that is done in a seated position. The individual would need to choose from the different seating positions available; selecting what is most comfortable for him. This includes folding the hands in the proper way, with both palms facing upward but with the dominant hand holding the other. Thumbs should touch each other lightly.

• Start the meditation with the eyes closed; try to be aware of nothing but your breathing, every inhalation and exhalation. Count each one until ten is reached. Upon reaching ten, start once more.

• Repeat this action for about fifteen minutes. If you do it regularly enough, you can do away with the counting and simply focus on the breathing.

• Do the process for fifteen minutes during your first week. For every succeeding week you can add five more minutes until you eventually forty five minutes to an hour.