Meditation Games: Upgrade Your Relaxation Methods

Meditation and its benefits are timeless. That is not simply a philosophical statement or an uttering that aims to impress, because it is definitely true and will always remain true. Perhaps there is no better proof of it than the fact that the techniques used in meditation were actually developed hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years ago, and they remain effective and popular even up to this day. Such longevity and continued popularity only shows that it is working for those who are practicing it, and that it definitely impacts their lives in very positive ways. The continued success of meditation means it is working, and people continue to appreciate it because of that.

People are actually continuing their appreciation of meditation and deriving its benefits that some changes are inevitable. There is, if one might call it so, an evolution in how people actually practice it. This evolution might not be to everyone’s approval, especially those who prefer to stick to tradition more than anything. Resistance to change is probably most felt when changes are introduced or incorporated into meditation, often to suit modern lifestyles and tastes. Like the case when the so called meditation games were introduced. Its effectiveness is probably debatable at best, and his is probably due to the fact that not that many people have tried it yet.

A Game of Relaxation and Meditation

There have been a few meditation games to date. Of course, those who would like to play it cannot to get the same effects and feeling that they would get if they actually did meditate. That’s just impossible, at least for now, that is. There’s this game, Wild Divine’s Healing Rhythms, which was specifically created to help with the management of stress. I think it’s more for simple relaxation, because the breathing and the heart rate of the player is monitored while playing. What’s interesting is that there are known self help gurus who appear throughout the game and help with the breathing exercises and things like that. Many might actually be getting some relaxation from this game, which seems to be quite helpful.

Then there’s another game, Guru Meditation, which basically outs a premium on stillness. You don’t move you win. That’s probably the long and the short of it, with the game something of a throwback where the player simply sits on the Joyboard and remain perfectly still, which is similar to what an Indian meditation guru was supposed to look like. The actual object of the game is to see who can remain sitting still the longest. Not the most game-worthy of objects, it is true, but since it is about meditation then it could definitely be acceptable. And that only shows that that although it is not yet a widespread trend, meditation games is the next step in how people will practice meditation.