What Is Kriya Yoga Meditation: An Explanation

As an individual that is always searching for the truth, I have encountered many different ideas and philosophies. Finding the truth about everything is not an easy task, it never was and it never will be. I was fortunate enough to have an enquiring mind and truly inquisitive nature, helping me along in my personal quest to seek and discover the answers to my questions. Among those is the meaning of life and such abstract thoughts and interests, which are admittedly quite deep which gave me a difficult time early on. But it was what I wanted to learn, what I wanted to find out and somehow my questioning led me to meditation. It was as good an answer as I could find, and I was even delighted to learn that there are many variations of meditation that I could explore and study. Like Kriya Yoga meditation.

Kriya Yoga: Control of the Mind and Body

A search for the meaning of Kriya Yoga will yield this definition – “A complete system covering a range of techniques, including mantras and techniques of meditation for control and mastery of the life force, bringing inner calm and peace and control of both body and mind”. Anyone like myself who hears of such a definition will surely want to be involved in such a practice. To learn and understand immediately became a quick goal for me. There seems t be so much to this system of meditation, and I was determined to derive as much benefit from it as possible.

It was said that around 1920, Paramahamsa Yogananda who was a very prominent yogi and guru from India, brought Kriya Yoga to the West and demonstrated the amazing benefits of using this particular meditation technique. He also founded the Self Realization Fellowship to proceed to teach Kriya Yoga meditation. Throughout the years, those who were fortunate enough to learn the techniques have been able to attain control of their mind and body, as well as gaining inner peace and calm. Those are the very things that many people who have been restless and looking for life’s meanings have been able to discover. It all starts with asking the question, what is Kriya Yoga meditation?

To help answer that very important question, here are a few things about the meditation technique:

• Meditation involves not only the mind but also the physical body. Those who are able to, practice Hatha Yoga to prepare the body for the techniques of Kriya Yoga. Those who are unable to do Hatha Yoga content themselves with about 15 minutes of stretching and bending exercises that were designed by Yogananda himself.

• The next step is to prepare the mind. Kriya Yoga is believed to be the combination of the most useful yoga techniques that have been known to man. Kriya teaches and promotes the laws of genetal conduct known as yama and niyama. This includes being truthful, harmlessness, non-stealing, among others. Kriya Yoga also encourages its practitioners to make a study of mental and physical health, purity, cleanliness, and metaphysical principles.

• The actual practice of meditation is obviously very important. For this reason, different kinds of Mantras are introduced and taught to those studying Kriya Yoga. Mudras are then also added to help in increasing the flow of energy.

• There are still a few higher Kriya techniques that some advanced students of Kriya Yoga might be interested in learning. It must be noted however, that Self realization might already be achieved through faithfully practicing the more basic mantras and meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga.