So how is Meditation Similar to Hypnosis?

Meditation helps us deal with many different situations in life. It helps us to not only cope, but to also have a whole new perspective about a lot of things, and life in general. Practicing meditation certainly helps us become better individuals, with a better view of life and a more mature and wiser outlook as well. And meditation is a technique, a process, and those who want to derive its full benefits should be able to become quite adept at it and achieve a certain level of comfort while doing it. It allows us to attain a relaxed and contented state, with a clearer mind that will help in making better and sounder judgments about the things that we need to deal with everyday.

In order to take full advantage of meditation, one needs to know how to do it properly at first. This would to start by relaxing the mind and body, and aiming for clarity that will eventually lead to the calmed and peaceful state that can be able to benefit anyone who practices it. Relief from stress and all the other worries would surely ensue if everything is done correctly, and it all stems from the deep concentration and focusing on the breathing and relaxing one’s self. Deep relaxation is the key to it all, and freeing the heart and the mind of any other thoughts that might serve as distractions for the act itself. And because of the kind of focus and relaxed state that is typical during the practice of meditation, it has actually been likened to hypnosis. Such an idea actually raises curiosity, and leaves people wondering whether there is any truth to it. But how is meditation similar to hypnosis?

Meditation and Hypnosis: Similar or Not

As a practitioner of meditation, I can get why a connection is being made between it and hypnosis. Although I have not been subjected to hypnosis or practiced it on anyone, I have learned about to understand the comparison. Both emphasize the need to attain deep relaxation, so it all starts from there. One of the main similarities between meditation and hypnosis is how each is done to produce a desired result. This might be relief from stress, overcoming and forgetting personal problems and the like. There are also similarities on how it is started, as meditation and hypnosis starts by focusing on a single object or thought, and removing or erasing every other thought that is in the mind, or emotion that is felt.

The difference between the two is clearer, as meditation is obviously linked with religion and spirituality, while hypnosis does not have anything to do with that. Both aim for benefits that result in a much better individual, one who is able to cope with the situations and challenges that constantly face him everyday. Relaxation and making full use of it may be the biggest likeness between the two, but I is more than enough to link them because it is also the key towards dealing with the many issues that people turn to each one in the first place.