How Can Meditation Help Lose Weight

I meditate everyday. For about half an hour each day, I am lost in contemplation, reaching into my own subconscious for the inner peace, that elusive calm that can help me go from one day to the next. Meditation affords me a kind of relaxation that no other technique that I have tried over the years has ever provided for me. Even when I have just been through what I consider to be among the most stressful moments of my life, simple meditation takes all of the worries and troubles away. Or at the very least I become calmer, my mind is way clearer and able to deal with the most distressing situations, and that is because I meditated. Practicing meditation has made me feel like a person that is almost free from stress, and I’ve never felt better.

For all of its benefits however, meditation has so far only provided help to my mind. Or at least I think that it has only helped my mind find the peace and relaxation that it needs. My physical body seems not to have benefited as much, or at least not that I actually have knowledge of, even though I do feel much better since I started meditating. The reason I am so concerned about it is because I recently heard about the possible positive effects of meditation on weight loss. I began to ask myself the question, can meditation help lose weight? Well, I said to myself, this I have to find out.

Meditation and Weight Loss

It is definitely difficult to reconcile the idea of losing weight and meditation, and it is quite understandable. For how can you connect such a peaceful act as meditating to weight loss, which usually requires exercise to be achieved? However, it must be noted that everything actually starts in the mind. If one is mentally driven and determined, then he can go through and triumph over any adversity that is thrown his way. Too often, people’s decision to exercise or have a diet do not really last and are short lived. This is because they were not able to cope with the rigors of changing an entire lifestyle, even if it is for as momentous a change as reducing one’s weight and getting in the ideal shape.

In order to maximize the help that meditation can provide, one needs to incorporate the desire to lose weight into the meditation process. You can make it a part of your mantra, repeatedly chanting and uttering your determination to lose weight and that you will start being serious with your exercise and diet from then on. It is pretty much like conditioning the mind and emotions, as well as preparing the body, to do whatever is necessary to lose weight.