Can Meditation Help Panic Attacks or Not?

Meditation has fascinated me right from the time I first encountered it. The idea that being so still and so relaxed could actually do something to help cure most problems just intrigued me no end. Being a guy who’s always been pretty active and outgoing, that kind of passive solution afforded by meditation was endlessly curious and intriguing for me. I’ve participated in many different kinds of sports, especially the ones that are done outdoors. And that’s why I have also become so fascinated with the process of meditation, because it is the exact opposite of what I have been used to. The contrast is part of what interests me and made me delve into it more deeply.

Initially, I researched about the proper techniques and process of meditation as a way to deal with stress. It was not yet a major issue with me, but I was beginning to have some issues and troubles that were related to my work. Not major ones, but enough to serve as distraction for me and keep me from being as productive as I would have otherwise been. As I started doing the basic meditation steps, it immediately dawned on me why it is favored by many. I also gained an appreciation of why those who learn it eventually become hooked. That is because as I did the meditation sessions, I felt the positive changes right away. Whatever stress I felt seemingly went away, and I became much more relaxed and able to focus on being a productive individual once more.

Meditation and Panic Attacks

One thing that I was not so sure of was if meditation can actually do anything about panic attacks. Since it was something that I never really had to deal with, I did not research or even think about it. It was only a friend of mine, who knew that I was doing basic meditation techniques, approached me and asked if I could help deal with her panic attacks by teaching her meditation. She asked me, can meditation help panic attacks? I admitted that I did not have a ready right there, but that we would have to try and find that out as we go along.

It turned out to be a pretty good decision for her. She studied basic meditation practices, and she got into using meditation beads, because it helped her get a better grip of herself whenever she is meditating and she needs something to anchor her thoughts and emotions on. Meditation has been helpful to her when she feels that her panic attacks are about to happen, she can seek refuge in the calming and soothing effects that meditation offers. When she is so much more relaxed, which is the effect of her meditating; she is able to deal with the onslaught of her panic attacks much better. We attribute it all to the relaxation that she gets, and the peace that she can feel within her, helping both her mind and body.