Here’s How to do Transcendental Meditation

Meditation is a major part of my life now. Of that there is no longer any doubt, and I have reason to believe that it would become an even bigger part of my life in the days to come. It is my way of finding the ultimate relaxation, where my mind and body are in tune with one another, and I’m able to reach unattained levels of peacefulness and calm. I can safely say that it dominates my life, that it is the basis of my lifestyle, which has gladly changed for the better. Meditation has just made things easier and better, and I’ve become better at accepting situations and in dealing with it.

It was the right set of circumstances that somehow led me to discover meditation. I was at a point in my life where the stress and the problems were simply overwhelming me and I wanted to find a way to better deal with it. And then a friend, who had just started doing meditation herself, told me about it. She said that it has helped her solve her own personal problems and had just made her a much better person overall. I saw and felt it about her too. She was definitely a different person, and a much improved one at that. It really made me curious and want to try it out for myself, and so I learned the basics of meditation with her help. That was how I started with transcendental meditation.

Doing Transcendental Meditation

The meditation process that I learned is transcendental Meditation, a simple and yet effective means of attaining what is known as the pure consciousness. Here’s how to do transcendental meditation:

• Settle down in a position that’s comfortable to you. It is important to also make sure that there no distractions of any kind.

• Start by closing your eyes, and then slowly try to relax both your mind and body. Take slow and deep breaths, making yourself feel the oncoming relaxation, especially of the mind.

• If you have chosen to use a mantra, begin chanting it softly and slowly. Do this in as soft a manner as possible, chanting your mantra of choice continuously for a minute and all the while making your voice as soft as possible.

• After uttering the mantra softly, you have to repeat it in your head. Do not say it out load and also try your best to just feel the power of the mantra. This will allow for a better awareness of the things that are around you, even of the entire universe itself. Continue doing this for about twenty minutes. This should be done twice daily, once each in the morning and in the afternoon.