Know How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

Meditation has provided me with the best form of relaxation that I have ever experienced. Even though I have already felt how it was to achieve a high level of relaxation, still the kind that meditation was able to give me is totally different. The satisfaction that I was able to derive was just unlike anything that I have felt previously, and which was responsible for hooking me on to meditation. It was what guaranteed that I would continue meditating, after I felt some initial reluctance about it at first. Truth was that I was not totally convinced in the beginning that meditation would actually help me or anything. It was a good thing that I allowed myself to be convinced to try it out and it allowed me the opportunity to experience its effects.

The meditation that I initially did was of the most basic kind, aiming only to relieve myself of any stress that I happen to be experiencing. From the beginning, I was making use of short and simple mantras that help me focus and concentrate more, and not allow my mind to wander aimlessly, which might have been the case had I not had those mantras to help me along with the process of meditation. And whenever I tell anyone about meditation, I also add about the need to say mantras to make it much more effective. That and the need to use mala beads for meditation is very much an essential part of the process for me.

Mala Beads and Meditation

The use of mala beads for meditation is quite well known. In fact, the image that most people have about meditation and the people who do it, involves a person who is in some kind of meditative position while holding mala beads and chanting mantras. Mala beads are made up of 108 individual beads that are highlighted by the “sumeru”, or the summit bead. The beads can be made from wood, seed, crystals, sandalwood, and basil wood, although the most common material is still wood.

For those who are interested to learn how to use mala beads for meditation, here’s how:

• The first thing to do is to find the right mala beads with which to do your meditation. This might depend on the kind of material that the beads are made from, as this can also have some effect on the whole process.

• Finding the right location should be the next step. It has to be a place that you feel is the most peaceful and where you are completely free from any kind of distraction. Place a mat or towel down on the floor for you to sit on while in a meditative position. The preferred posture is the lotus position where the mala beads is in one hand and it is resting on the knee and the other hand is on the other knee, with palms facing up.

• The mala beads should be placed in the right hand and the sumeru bead is the starting point, and will also serve as the ending point. As the meditation progresses, the beads should slide between the ring and middle finger, all the while being guided by the thumb. The index finger should remain pointing outward all the time, and make sure that it never touches the beads.

• Each of the 108 beads should signify a single chanting of the mantra that you have chosen. Take a deep breath in between each chant, until the sumeru bead is reached. This will signify the end of the meditation.