The Right Herbs for Meditation

Meditation is effective. That is the truth, and you can even consider using it as a personal mantra that you could get to utter again and again. Indeed, meditation is quite effective in helping you achieve the goal or goals that you have set out for yourself in terms of your body and your mind. Wanting to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually will lead you to activities such meditation, activities that lead you to become more positive and search for the truth. Life, after all, is one big search for what is true and what is right, and by meditating we help ourselves attain it or at least get close enough.

My own search, as helped by meditation, has been a pretty fruitful one. Not only have I been able to considerably reduce my stress from just about everything, but I have also had a glimpse of the truth that we all seek. This truth is deep within all of us, and to have even just a fleeting glance of it is enough to help us achieve a different kind of inner peace and calm. It is just so satisfying for me, and I always look forward to my daily meditation sessions as a time for renewing my strength and energy. And whatever I could do to set the tone and make the ambiance and the whole experience even better, I try to incorporate into it. Just like herbs for meditation, which I recently discovered.

Herbs and Meditation

Lately I have been more open to improving the meditation process that I go through. From the start, I have tried to incorporate little elements to help improve the experience, like scented candles, natural ventilation and lighting and the like. This time, I am going to make use of herbs for meditation to make things even better. These herbs are known to be effective and powerful, and best of all it is easily available.

• Brahmi – A type of herb that benefits the intellect is sure to garner some attention, and I particularly made sure that I will be able to use it. It actually resembles the cerebellum, and its benefits include enhancement of an individual’s mental performance and also supports proper function of the nervous system. It makes people more alert, have better memory and able to concentrate more.

• Neem – Neem has been used to help purify the blood, support the immune system, and also to help cleanse the liver. It is renowned as an effective blood purifier and is instrumental in cleansing the blood of toxins, as well as from the liver and lymph. It is also mostly used as a skin purifier and helps in controlling sugar level in the blood.

• Triphala – Famed for its ability to help in rejuvenating and detoxifying the body, Triphala is highly recommended. It possesses a unique ability to detoxify the system and at the same time to also nourish and replenish it.