Find Out How to Make Meditation Beads

Meditation should be easy enough for everyone to understand and practice. If you look at the ideals and purposes of meditation, you’d believe that it a very simple process that involves basic techniques and methods. Each step towards achieving the promise of meditation should therefore not take too long for those who are really interested. But such is not the case as reality offers a picture that is a little different. Steps that should have been very easy becomes very difficult and complicated, and that is because of all the other worries and stressful events that hinder people from directing their full attention and focus towards learning meditation properly.

I have been meditating for more than a year now, and all I can say is that it has really helped in changing my life. It has brought a peace of mind and calmness to my whole being that I have never known before, and which is most welcome after all the problems that I’ve gone through. And what I can say to those who might not be completely sold on whether meditation is easy to do or actually does something good for you is that anything that can help you change positively should be considered easy enough. Helping me along is the use of meditation or mala beads, which serves to keep me focused throughout the whole process. As I chant, I time the movement of the beads, all 108 of it, and it results in a clearer and more peaceful heart and mind.

Making the Beads

Mala or meditation beads have helped me a great deal, specifically in terms of my focus and concentration. With each of the 108 beads, I am able to keep chanting the mantras I utter properly and precisely, right on time. I’ve always used beads that are already made, but now I am about to attempt to make my own. The following steps detail how to make meditation beads properly.

• The material from which the beads are made from should be natural instead of synthetic, so wood would be perfect. Nylon twine will be used for stringing the beads.

• Start by making the main bead. Do this by drilling a hole into it, without going all the way through. Set it aside once the hole has been drilled.

• Next step is to string the nylon twine on the beading needle. String the first bead in place, tying a lose knot after it. Proceed to string the remaining beads, making sure that the twine does not twist up.

• Thread the twine through the main bead and then connect to the rest of the beads. Tie a knot afterwards.

• Using embroidery floss, create the tassel for the beads. Create it separately and then connect it to the beads by tying a knot with the ends of the twine that protrudes from the last of the beads.