The Use of Meditation Stool

Taking up meditation has been one of the best things to happen to me. It changed my life in ways I did not even foresee and I had no idea about. The change that came over my life as indeed a profound one, and the repercussions has been immediate and far reaching. There have been plenty of changes, of that I can assure, but the good thing is that it is all positive. After all, that was the reason that I got into meditation in the first place, to make some changes in my life. My situation was becoming much too stressful to bear, and I knew I had to do something, anything, just to help myself. I’m so glad I tried meditation, because it profoundly changed and influenced my life.

Before I started doing meditation, I never knew much about its details. All I knew about meditation was that it involved concentrating and focusing and all of those serious things that need to be done to get the desired results. I had no idea about the mantras that have to be chanted or that it should be timed with one’s breathing, things like that. And of course I knew next to nothing about meditation beads and how it helps in keeping me focused and be beyond everything that’s happening around me. Those things are now so familiar to me that I cannot even think of the process of meditation without thinking about it.

The Meditation Stool

One particular item used in meditation that I haven’t had a chance to learn about until recently is the meditation stool. But since I got to know about it, I have begun to use it extensively in my meditation sessions. It offers something different, especially since I have always meditated sitting flat on the floor. Or over some mat, but never on a chair that’s made exclusively for meditation. It is in fact called a traditional meditation stool because it has been used for meditation purposes ever since it was invented in ancient times. And the reason it has been in favor for so long is because it was designed to provide comfort and support to the individual using it while meditating and it has done just that. The stool keeps the back straight and allows for better posture while sitting. Having the spine straight while sitting means comfortable sitting even for long periods of time. Using the meditation stool fits very well with the overall mood during the meditation process, which is one of relaxation. Everyone who meditates is therefore advised to use this particular stool for an even better meditation experience.