What is Metta Meditation Practice?

Meditation is done primarily for the benefit of one’s self. An individual chooses to meditate to alleviate himself of all the stress and troubles that might be suffering from at a particular time. The end in sight when a person chooses meditation is the solution of all of those stress and anxiety related problems that he is stuck in the middle of. It is also entirely up to him whatever meditation technique he would like to use in order to achieve his ends of relieving himself of everything that is troubling to him. There is absolutely no doubt that his choice would be dictated by his personal preference and taste, and the process that he believes will also provide the most help.

During the time that I was considering the type of meditation technique that I am going to practice, I was considering a couple of things. First was simplicity, as I wanted to be able to meditate using a simple technique that would not be too difficult and complicated to learn. Secondly, I would like a technique that is also going to benefit not only myself, but others as well. How that would come about, I was still not so sure, but that was what I wanted to happen. I’ve always been quick to include others in whatever it is that I was doing and I think I found the type of meditation that I’ve been looking for, and that is metta meditation.

About Metta Meditation

What is metta meditation? It would be of interest to those who are seeking an effective way to be relieved of stress and anxiety, while also positively affecting others. The very word metta actually translates to “loving kindness”, and this kindness is not only expressed or manifested for one’s own self but also for others as well. That is the beauty of metta meditation, as it founded on non-violence and emphasis on friendship as well as a wish for the happiness of others. Although it cannot be explained very easily, it can be put simply as a way that allows for the application of kindness and generosity for all beings and not just to a specific few. The end result is the attainment of true happiness and contentment, and could definitely lead to personal transformation that is geared towards positive change. Concentration should be maintained, despite every little distraction that might come your way. Just simply cast it aside and go on maintaining the thought and feeling of loving kindness.