What Religion Does Meditation Relate to?

Meditation can be described as a spiritual exercise. It is certainly an apt description since meditation allows us to be connected to our spirit deep within us and also helps in self awareness. This self awareness affects our mind, body, and spirit positively. Although it can be a very spiritual act that speaks to not only the mind and body but also to the soul, meditation is often for the most practical of reasons. Many people get into meditation in order to relieve themselves of all the stress and anxiety that they have been experiencing. And it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to be relieved of stress and to deal with it effectively.

Religion is not unlike meditation in the sense that it is also a spiritual exercise. The truth is that religion can be readily described as something that deals with spirituality much more than meditation ever would. This is due to the fact that religion goes beyond spirituality and then deals with one’s personal relation to a higher power, of which spirituality is only one component. A basic difference between the two is that a person chooses to do meditation, while it is not always the case with religion. You decide to meditate, whereas in religion you could actually be born into it and decide not to change it anymore. Of course you are free to change your religion once you find one that satisfies you more than the one you are presently affiliated with. With meditation, you pursue right from the start because you know that you can benefit from it.

Meditation and Religion

Meditation has always been linked with religion. Even though the act of meditating is somehow present in all religions, it is more associated with Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. It is an integral part of that, and the very image of those religions and how they are practiced. One thing that is assured though is that both meditation and religion are useful ways for the attainment of the truth, which can sometimes seem most elusive and a very difficult pursuit. But if one looks at meditation carefully then he can see that he does not have to be connected or a part of any religion just to be able to practice it and enjoy all of its benefits. Those who are seriously into their religions do practice meditation in one form or another. So if anyone is going to ask, what religion does meditation relate to or belong to, then the answer would be almost all religions.