So what is the Goal of Meditation?

Meditation is a necessity. It might not yet be too apparent right now, but the fact that meditation is becoming more and more of a necessity in our everyday life is increasing with each passing day. Some might not yet acknowledge it, but it is the truth and before long it will be more apparent to the point that not too many could even deny its necessity and importance. Such an activity that provides so much positive effects simply cannot be overlooked for too long. And besides, meditation has been around for a long time, so it is time tested and proven. If you have issues regarding the mounting everyday stress and anxiety that you need to deal with, then meditation is for you.

I know in my heart that I am forever indebted to meditation. Meditation came to me at the perfect time, when I most needed it as I was neck deep in frustrating situations that have amounted to an almost unbearable amount of stress. It was a life support that was thrown to me just in the nick of time, and I was able to help myself tremendously because of it. Ever since I started practicing it, my life also started to turn around for the better, which started with my improved coping with stress and the many anxious moments that came almost everyday. As I achieved the heightened feeling of relaxation that only meditation could provide, life seemed much easier to deal with overall. Within me I could feel the unprecedented calm and peace that I sought for so long.

Meditation’s Goals

Based from my own personal experience with meditation, I know for a fact that it is the most effective way to help a person deal with stress. That might not be true for everyone else that practices meditation, but I know that at least it is close. But I have also wondered many times, what is the goal of meditation or what are its other goals? Of course I am aware of its other effects, of which I have been fortunate to benefit from, but are there others? And if so what might those be? The following lists down a few of it.

• Relief of Stress – I just have to put this at the top of the list, since this was the reason I started doing meditation and remains the primary reason that I am doing it. Through the relaxation that is achieved by using meditation techniques, stress becomes much easier to handle and deal with. Certainly it is one of the primary goals of meditation.

• Spiritual Enlightenment – Many of us first hear about meditation in connection with religion, particularly Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. It is rooted deeply and also strongly influenced by the philosophy and teachings of those religions, and in Western religion, prayers are considered to be forms of meditation. In the context of religious practice, meditation helps its practitioners the divine and spiritual truths that are the very basis or foundation of religion or spiritual beliefs.

• Health Benefits – Another practical side to meditation, which is closely connected to the stress relief that it brings. Whatever evidence that exists shows that the health of those who practiced meditation regularly has had considerable improvement.