Exactly how is Meditation Different from Relaxation?

Meditation is a practical method for the achievement of a higher purpose. That is a simple and practical definition of meditation, without necessarily going into details. It can be viewed as a practical method since it also aims to achieve a high form of relaxation that leads to better handling or dealing with stress and anxiety. And then it can be considered a path to a much higher purpose since meditation is closely associated with spiritual enlightenment, and rightly so. The ties to specific forms of religion have always been there, and would likely remain, but the truth is that it deals more with spirituality than any one religious system or belief.

Ordinary people like myself are drawn to meditation because of the practical benefits that it provide. Who wouldn’t want to deal properly, or even have the chance to totally get rid of stress and anxiety? I’m sure that a majority of those who have shown interest in meditation and those already practicing it are there to take advantage of those benefits, which help with everyday, ordinary situations and conditions. Of course I also get why people seeking spiritual help or enlightenment practice it, since they are looking for answers that they cannot find elsewhere. Meditation offers perhaps the easiest or at least the most accessible way to find the truth within themselves, and not from anyone or anywhere else.

Meditation and Relaxation

When I began practicing meditation, I was surprised by attaining or feeling a kind of relaxation that I have been unable to experience before. It was something of a revelation, more so because it was really unexpected on my part. I know that many have experienced something similar to what I have, that heightened sense of relaxation that only becomes possible through the proper practice of meditation techniques. It has thus led many to ask, how is meditation different from relaxation? It is clear from my very own experience that there is a clear difference between meditation and relaxation.

This difference is borne out of the fact that relaxation is actually a direct by-product of practicing meditation. One is the direct result or consequence of the other, so while you cannot really compare the two of them accurately or even correctly, at least we all know that they are inextricably linked to one another. One simply cannot exist without the other. On the other hand, meditation is also directly linked to other things, such as the eventual health benefits that meditation practitioners could also expect to enjoy. The process of meditation also helps achieve self awareness, which could eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment and the inner peace that makes a person feel truly complete.

In my practice of meditation, I have already achieved and continually enjoy the relaxation that directly results from it. I’ve also been able to get a glimpse of the enlightenment that is offered by constantly meditating. I have never been a religious person and I do not intend to start now, but spirituality is something else entirely, and that is what I want to discover now to make myself more aware of myself and everything else around me.