Find out What is Koan Meditation

Meditation is for the enlightenment of the heart, mind, and soul. That is only one of the major aims and goals of mediation, because there are several, and it is considered to be among the foremost. There are indeed many benefits from practicing meditation, and some are of the most practical nature, like stress relief and the attainment of relaxation. And that is the reason why many are entering meditation today and practicing its beneficial methods and techniques. Everybody is dealing with stress and anxiety these days, and meditation provides a ready and effective answer. However, the more heightened benefits of meditation are still that concerning the soul, and the true achievement of self awareness. It allows an individual to get to know himself more, in a much deeper way. He also becomes much more attuned to his needs and to everything else that occurs around him or near him.

In my own journey towards adopting meditation practices that ultimately proved useful to me, I was initially drawn by its practical use. Dealing with stress and other related problems was really very difficult for me at the time, and maybe you can call it perfect timing that meditation came to me at just the right moment. I say that it came to me since it was introduced to me by an individual who I have some common friends with. I started with mantra meditation and have continued with it until today; although in my heart and in my mind I know that I am also open to other forms of meditation. And just recently I heard about Koan meditation. It seemed intriguing enough, so much so that I just found myself asking, what is Koan meditation?

About Koan Meditation

When I first heard about Koan meditation, I became interested at once, especially since I was really looking for a new method to practice. But then I became a little bit puzzled and somewhat confused when I started researching about Koan meditation. Yes, that was my reaction, and it even reached a point where I was really confused about what this particular meditation was all about. It turns out that in Koan meditation, its practitioners are given Koan, which means a puzzle or a question. Now the questions or puzzles that are given in Koan meditation can really make one think, especially as it is really puzzling, or you can even think to yourself that it might not have any answer at all. That will also be your likely reaction when you encounter questions such as the following:

• How does clapping with one hand sound?

• In our dreams, why can’t we see ourselves where actually are.
• Is effortless effort possible at all?

• If karma was responsible for our attainment of this birth, then how did we attain our first birth?

• Can the tongue taste itself? Who is the ear of the ear?

• What questions are answered correctly if you say yes, but are also right even if you say no?