What are Meditation Balls?

The potency and effectiveness of meditation is undeniable. Every individual who has chosen to practice it and make use of its benefits can surely testify to that. It can almost be considered an indisputable fact, one that cannot be contested and denied even by those who do not know too much about it. In terms of the practical benefits that people can enjoy from practicing meditation, there is no denying it and it is probably what attracts people to actually practice it. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a process that can help them get rid of the stress and anxiety that has been troubling them everyday? So from that point alone, the practice of meditation is sure to continue attracting more adherents in he foreseeable future.

As a practitioner of meditation myself, I can definitely say from my experience that it is effective in helping me deal with my problems. The stress that I was facing, particularly from work, was mounting to what I can only describe as dangerous levels when I started meditating. My move to start meditating was almost a desperate move that thankfully paid off big time for me. Since I found out how effective mediation can be, I have since made it a part of my regular schedule, aside from the regular exercises that I have been doing to keep my health at an acceptable level. But as I progressed with my meditating, I found that there are different objects that I can use to help with the process and even enhance the whole experience. Among those objects are meditation balls.

Using Meditation Balls

To my surprise, I just recently found that meditation balls are very common objects used in the practice of meditation. I was completely unaware of it until now, even though I was familiar of using other tools to aid in the process, like meditation beads, meditation stools, and other similar items. From what I found out it seems that meditation balls or health balls, as it is otherwise called, provide help in concentrating while meditating. Other uses for the meditation balls include the improvement of hand and finger strength. It is also used for the reduction of stress, and the prevention of disease through the improvement of blood flow.

I became interested in learning how to use the meditation balls, and for the others who also want to benefit for its use, here are the steps on how to use it:

• Note that meditation balls can be used even when one is not meditating. Use it even when you are walking or sitting down. First, place the meditation balls in the palm in your hand.

• Then use your thumb to push the ball that is closest to your wrist towards your small finger. Raise your small finger and use it to guide the ball towards your ring finger. This will leave the other ball nearest to your wrist.

• Using each of your fingers, one after the other, guide the top ball along your hand in a clockwise manner. At the same time, use your thumb and the base of your palm to guide the ball that’s closest to your wrist back to your small finger.

• Repeat the motion until you feel comfortable with the feel of the balls in your hand. The speed of moving the balls should be increased as you get used to the motion.

• You can reverse the process by moving the ball counterclockwise, although it will take a little more practice than the first method. It will vary the type of motion that the balls would provide to the hands and still offer the same amount of benefits to the practitioner of meditation.