16 Great Stress Busters

A stress-free world – that’s what everyone wants. It is an ideal world that would certainly be most welcome to each and every one of us, there’s no doubt about that. Just imagine how wonderful and joyful a world it would be, where loads of worries and problems would simply vanish and we could live out much pleasanter lives. The fact that it is ideal also means one thing though, and that is the fact that it is a little too far removed from reality at this point. However great it would be, a stress-free world just doesn’t see to be too realistic. It would be almost akin to wishful thinking on our part to believe that it can be a reality at some time. That’s just the reality of it, but of course it doesn’t mean that we can’t try to do anything about it.

I am no stranger to stress myself, having dealt with my own share of it through the years. In the past, I have always struggled when confronted with stressful situations, which has led to even more stress and problems for me. Then I earnestly searched for means to help me cope with it, just to make things a little easier for me whenever those stressful moments arrive. Looking for solutions meant doing a little research, which I glad to do since that also, took my mind off the problems I was dealing with it. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to find my own solution to stress, which I consider perfect for the kind of person that I am. That solution is meditation and I truly thankful for it, because it has proven to be a perfect fit for my lifestyle.

There are other ways to deal with stress, however, nit just through the use of meditation. It just so happened that I found it to be personally appealing and that it ultimately worked for me, so much so in fact that it has become a major aspect of my lifestyle. But what about others who are also dealing with stress regularly and are not inclined towards practicing meditation as their means of coping. And there are many of those, you can be sure of that. They would surely welcome other ways, other means, which would suit their personalities and their personal preferences more. And the good news for them is that there are choices, there options, from which they can make their selection.

Stress Busters: 16 Choices

Options are definitely welcome to anyone who needs to constantly deal with stress. They need the variety; especially their stress also comes from varying sources as well. Even though we should all accept that stress is somehow a part of our everyday lives, we must still strive to find the best ways to deal with it and if possible, go beyond and be relived of it. Only then could a person get to live his life fully, without the unnecessary burdens that are imposed upon him by stress, anxiety, and similar problems. Sure, there are many different ways that are available in helping deal with stress, and I personally found that out during my research. Each individual would then have to look closely and carefully at each option to see if that would be the perfect stress buster for them. We deal with situations differently, even though it might somehow be connected or similar. And that’s the beauty of having many different choices as far as personal stress busters are concerned, because you could simply pick one or even several, that fits who you are. You could then be on your way towards getting over stress and enjoying and living your life better.

Here are your choices:

Meditation – I am going to be a little biased here, but meditation is definitely one of the best stress busters around, as many will surely agree. It affords a different kind of relaxation, providing effective relief from stress and anxiety, as well as uplifting the spiritual side of the individual. It allows him the ability to cope with every kind of situation, not just stressful ones.

Light Exercise – A few minutes of light and easy exercises is sure to help with relieving one of stress. Or at least it can contribute positively towards stress relief, while also strengthening the body and making it more agile and flexible. Brisk walking, light running or jogging, push ups, abdominal crunches can certainly work for you as it had worked for many others.

Eliminate Vices – Eliminating whatever vices you might have, like smoking or drinking, goes perfectly well with doing some light exercises. It will not only help relieve you of your daily dose of stress, it will also make sure that you get to have a fitter, healthier, and stronger body. Your life could also be prolonged by cutting down or totally eliminating cigarettes, alcohol, and other similar vices.

Eight Hours of Sleep – Getting enough sleep will go along way towards keeping you relieved of stress. The ideal number of hours for sleep each night is of course eight hours, although not straying too far from that number is probably acceptable enough. Staying up too late will definitely not help as you get to feel sluggish and lazy all throughout the day and you’re definitely not as productive as you want.

A Cup of Tea for Yourself – Drinking hot tea has been proven to have calming effects on the body, as well as helps in lowering blood pressure. Its many variants – green, red, herbal teas is ideal because of the calming and soothing effects that it has.
Give Yourself a Break – Giving yourself a break means that every once in a while, you just do whatever it is that you want, without thinking of anything or anyone else. It would be like giving yourself an exclusive time, where the only person or thing that matters is you and things about yourself.

Have a Schedule and Stick to It – It would be nice to have a schedule that you would stick to. Having a carefully thought out and prepared schedule will certainly help you in organizing your life in having lesser headaches and problems to worry about.

Go on a Pleasure Trip for Yourself – Fight off stress by going to places that you love, or have always wanted to go to. It will help take you r mind off things, and make sure that you are refreshed and ready to go back to your regular life once you bet back from the trip.

Set Realistic Goals – Too much stress is caused by setting very lofty or even unrealistic goals. People need to realize what they can and what they cannot achieve within a certain period of time, and if the circumstances would even allow it to happen at all. Simple and doable goals are best, and will not cause stress and/or anxiety.

Eat Healthy – Diet has a lot to do with how a person feels or looks, and therefore, if a person feels great and looks the way he wants, then chances are that his level of stress will be significantly reduced or even totally eliminated. Healthy choices are the way to go, with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, grains, and fish.

Breathe Easily – Do some deep breathing exercises to help your body relax and be free from stress. Breathing deeply and properly allows for the proper intake of oxygen, which makes us think more clearly and properly.

Socialize – Socializing and mingling with others during times when you are experiencing stress will certainly relieve some of the heavy feeling deep within you. It allows you to think less of your burden and have a much broader outlook, seeing that there are others like you and that you are not alone.

Just Smile – It would also be quite helpful if you just smile and try to exert some effort looking for simple ways to make you feel good and happy, which ultimately results in a nice smile.

Never Take Your Work Home – Try to learn to leave your work at work, never attempting to bring it home. You will find that your level of stress will decrease, especially if there are a lot of reasons to smile and be happy at home.

Eat More Fish – It would be best for anyone who is stressed, and even those who are not stressed for that matter, to eat more fish. Studies have shown that the consumption of oily fish like salmon helps significantly in the reduction of stress. The presence of large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 is responsible for that.

Lesser Tasks, Lesser Stress – Just try doing lesser things, especially at the same time, so that you wouldn’t have too much to worry about. And aside from the physical difficulty of the task, you will also have lesser things to worry and be stressed about.