Using Meditation to Get What You Want: Does it Work?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been performed by most cultures since the ancient times. It has been identified mostly with Hindus and Buddhists who uses it as a means of attaining spiritual enlightenment, but almost all philosophical and religious beliefs use medication in some form.

Meditation in Practice-
Meditation is the focusing and the concentration of person’s whole being into a single idea, word, sound or object. By doing so one can liberate the self from the entanglements of material nature. Some religions believe that by practicing meditation this liberation is achieved literally. To them the practice of meditation allows the soul to rise and then eventually escape the body, to join the white light which is the ultimate goal of life. Admittedly these are simplified explanations of how meditation works.

Law of Attraction- The Law of Attraction is a teaching that is gaining popularity in the past few years. Its main principle is that energy will go or flow wherever you focus your attention to. They can teach you the practice of using meditation to get what you want. Mostly this is done by the use of positive statements called affirmations. These affirmations are mainly the things that you want to happen in your life. If you want to become thinner for example they teach to use the affirmation, “ I am slim and sexy”, or something similar to that. The same thing would go for almost anything that you want in life. Affirmations like “I am rich”,” I am handsome”, or I am beautiful”, can be used in order to attain the things that one wants.

The Way You Say It- For the law of attraction to work it is not enough that you mouth the affirmations, you must believe them as well or they are not going to work. So when you say that you are rich, you have to positively believe that it is going to happen.

Does it Work?
– In some ways it can have a positive impact on your life. After all, one of the biggest reasons why a person does not succeed in life is because of a lack of belief in himself. If only one can gain some confidence that he can still take control of his life then he might be able to act and take control. Negativity often paralyzes a man into inaction. However those who practice traditional meditation techniques do not see the Law of Attraction in a good light. This despite the fact that this Law can trace its roots to the New Age religions and beliefs that stemmed from the fusion of Eastern religions and Western counter culture movements. They say that beliefs like these tend to distract a person away from the real goal of life which is spiritual enlightenment. They say that the Law of Attraction fosters materialism.

Should One Follow It? – This is purely the personal choice of each and every person. If you feel that you can use some confidence booster in order to get ahead then it might prove to be useful for you.