The Use of the Pyramid for Meditation

The Pyramids have been around for thousands of years. The ancients have been puzzled by them as well as modern men. For all of the modern stuff that we have and the equipment that we can boast of, we are still dwarfed by the achievement of the great pyramids. Scientists and archeologists say that these gigantic structures were solely meant o be the tombs of ancient Egyptian Kings. They are right in saying that the pyramids were tombs, but that was not the only purpose that these colossal monuments served. The years of effort and wealth that was used in building them were not just spent to make massive mausoleums.

The Other Use of Pyramids- There are those who claim that they have uncovered the real purpose of the pyramids. These people believe that the shape of these structures can serve as a sort of magnet that can attract all the positive energy from the surrounding area and even the whole universe. If the shape is used in the right way it can serve as an excellent source of health benefits for humans. Some even believe that it can be used for attracting good fortune and wealth.Believers of this way of using pyramids have even constructed giant structures as places where people can gather and meditate.

Pyramid for Meditation-
Because of all the positive effects brought about by the pyramid it is not surprising that it can also be used for something like meditation. Using the pyramid shape together with the practice of meditating can help to bring in a lot of benefits on the practitioner. In order to do it you have to construct a pyramid shaped frame and sit inside it. It is best o avoid plastic or plaster materials in the making of the frame. Experts suggest that you use wood and other materials that are associated with sacredness. The pyramid should be placed in a room where there is no electronic device because it might disrupt the energy that might be attracted by the meditation.

Benefits of Meditating under a Pyramid
– As we have mentioned using a pyramid in order to meditate can bring in multiple benefits to an individual who practices it. It can calm the mind more effectively and it can enhance one’s memory. There are even reports that practicing meditation under a pyramid can open up the Third Eye of a person, when that happens a person can connect with the spiritual world. There are even reports that one can see past lives and live through them again when using the pyramid for meditation.

For those who are not after developing their psychic and spiritual capabilities it is enough to know that the use of pyramids can increase the power of their concentration when meditating. If you are curious as to what it can actually do for you, I suggest that you try it out. There is no harm in trying it since meditating under a pyramid does not pose any form of hazard or danger on your part.