Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation started out as a religious and spiritual practice. People from different cultures since the ancient times have used meditation in its many forms as a means of achieving enlightenment and spiritual awakening. This is the reason why its practice has continued for thousands of years and why it is highly regarded today.

Modern Uses of Meditation- There is another reason for the present day popularity of the practice. Aside form the fact that it can be used for enlightenment and elevation of the spirit some modern day practitioners have also found some practical uses for meditation. One of the most common modern use for it that we hear about is stress relief. Stress is a common thing that we all face if we want to keep up with the modern world. That does not mean though that we have to put up with it or that we can not do anything about it. Meditation is the best way of reducing the amount of stress and tension that gets built up inside of us. Another practical use that we have for it is for treating children with ADHD. It can help them to focus on certain tasks.The most controversial modern for meditation is that for weight loss. A lot of people are wondering how that can be achieved.

Meditation for Weight Loss-
There are practitioners and teachers claiming that meditation can contribute to your weight loss efforts. Of course that is not because of some direct result. The act of meditating will not burn off the excess fat from the body. Rather meditation is useful in placing the mind at the right frame in order for you to go on with all of your weight loss efforts.

How Meditating for Weight Loss Works– Weight loss is achieved by combining exercise and diet in a program that aims to work on the whole body. That means a lot of discipline and self-control. The number one reason why most people fail to reach their weight loss goals is because of lack of discipline. They start exercising and eating right only to give up on it after some time. That is where meditation can help.

As mentioned the practice of meditation is not going to burn off excess fat from your body, but it can help in motivating you. Here are some steps that you can follow:

1. Find a nice quiet spot where you can sit quietly regularly.
2. Sit in a comfortable position.
3. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind.
4. Picture yourself thin and fit as you walk along or you can repeat a certain word or phrase like “thin” or ‘I am fit” over and over in your mind as a mantra.
5. Practice this regularly. At first you mind maybe distracted but don’t mind it.

By picturing in your mind ha you have achieve your weight loss goals you are motivating yourself towards achieving that goal. This practice called visualization can also attract positive energy that can help in achieving your aims.