Can Meditation Enhance Learning?

The other day I read an article about the story of a chess champion who was making waves in tournaments all over the world. . What is so impressive is that he is so young.. He did mention that in order to train and prepare for all of his tournaments he had to do some serious preparation that took months in order to accomplish. He used video games and then he practiced mediation. I was surprised by that. I didn’t realize that something like meditation can be used that way. We always hear how meditation can help a person to relieve stress. I did not realize before I read the article that it can also be used inn order to enhance the learning process of a person.

Can Meditation Enhance Learning?
– I was pretty impressed by the young man’s achievement and I guess that demonstrates how meditation can be used to enhance the learning of a person. Mediation has been noted to be able to raise the mental capability of those who practice it. That is fact is known for ages. The main reason why it can enhance learning is because increases the power of concentration that a person has. Once a person is able to focus more he can do a lot of things that he wouldn’t dream of doing before.

Clearing the Mind-
One reason why meditation can help in learning is because it can help in clearing away the unnecessary things within the mind. It has been noted by ancient Hindus that the mind is a very busy thing. It is always off thinking of something inappropriate and that it is very hard to control. We all know the truth in that. Some unwanted thought can always disturb our concentration. We learn how to keep out all of those unwanted ideas and co concentrate on what is important in life. By doing meditation regularly we increase the power of our mind and its capacity for learning.

Visualization- One method of meditation that has gained a lot of following is called visualization. This school of thought in meditation says that all is needed for us to achieve everything that we wanted was to visualize and think that we have already achieved it. So if we want to learn something it can help for us to visualize that we have already learned it. That practice is supposed to attract a lot of positive energy that can help a person in attaining whatever it is that he needs.

The Real Purpose- But using meditation in order to enhance one’s memory is just a side thing to it all. The real purpose of meditation after all is to attain spiritual enlightenment. Learning things faster and losing all the stress that one feels are just side effects that one can get from practicing it. No matter what your purpose is for taking up mediation, you are bound to benefit from it in the end. You just have to stick to it practice and be regular about it.