Meditation Mount Ojai

The city of Ojai holds a unique place in lists of American cities. Some would say that it is the most hippie friendly city in the country. It is littered with small shops and stores that are encouraged by the local government. In fact they forbid large chain stores from being established in the city. This is the kind of city that is big on being green and healthy living. They have a lot of health shops and specialty stores catering to healthy lifestyle.

History of Ojai- Situated in the Ojai Valley in Venture County of California the area now known as the city of Ojai was first occupied by Chumash Indians. An industrialist by the name of Edward Libbey took interest in the city and undertook to build it to become an ideal place. It is not actually clear as to when the city and the area surrounding it became associated with the alternative lifestyle for which it is now known. It is highly likely though that it all began when hippie culture was at its height in the sixties and was influencing the whole country.

Main Attraction- The main attraction of the whole Ojai Valley is the thriving industry there that serves the local population and visitors who are into alternative style of living. This alternative way of living includes veganism, vegetarianism, organic foods and New Age practices such as yoga and meditation. People flock there from different parts of the United States and even from other countries in order to enjoy all of that.

Meditation Mount Ojai- A lot of people go there to undergo some retreat and engage in meditation. One of the most popular places for retreats in the area is the so called Meditation Mount. It is comprised of about 32 acres of land with amazing scenery that makes it ideal for peace and relaxation. There are structures and facilities there that are meant to make your stay a comfortable one. That is very important because you need to devote your time to meditating and being enlightened during your stay there.

Meditation Mount belongs to a global network that is devoted to offering the power and services of meditation to the whole world. As part of this commitment they are offering education and information to everyone who would be willing to learn everything about meditation. They are also offering workshops and dialogues to those who would like to learn more about meditation and about the benefits that it can bring to the body.

Other Places to Visit- There are other places that you can visit while you are in the Ojai Valley area. If you are a fan of restaurants and dining out then this is also the right place that you can spend some time in. There are a lot of decent restaurants there where you can eat out. There are also numerous hiking trails in the surrounding area where you can try out your adventurous spirit. You can also visit the area during one of the numerous festivals being held there all throughout the year.