How to Quiet Your Mind during Meditation

One of the biggest problems faced by those who do meditation is that there are so many distractions which can ruin your concentration. Everyone who has tried meditating knows what I am talking about. Meditation is the act of focusing your consciousness on a single object, sound or thought. As long as you are focusing your consciousness then that is meditation. You don’t have to be sitting cross legged mumbling some exotic word over and over. You could be sitting on bus thinking about the beautiful girl that you saw and imagining yourself asking her out, and that can be considered to be meditation. You are meditating on the beautiful girl.

Purpose of Meditation-
Some might disagree with the way that we have defined meditation, but that is what it’s all about, the focusing of the mind. Hindu saints and practitioners devised the system in order to use it to attain enlightenment. They believe that when their whole being is immersed in the contemplation of the Divine then one can achieve union with it. That is the ultimate aim of all meditative practices in ancient times. It was only recently that it has been adapted for other purposes such as stress relief and for enhancing learning. It is also recommended for achieving all kinds of material things in life through New Age practices such as visualization which has become popular lately.

How to Quiet Your Mind during Meditation-
As mentioned earlier one of the most difficult challenge faced by those starting out with meditation is the fact that there are so many distractions that can come crowing the mind. Once those distractions start setting in then your concentration can be ruined by it all. The best way to prevent this from happening is to pick a nice and quiet place where you can sit and practice your meditation. If you live in the city then it is better if you do it in a room where there can be no distractions at all. Noises can be the biggest distraction and they are also the most difficult to avoid. They can be everywhere and you might have a hard time finding a place where there is no noise at all. Once you have found such a spot be sure to make use of it.

Just Keep on Meditating-
Some experts on the practice will tell you that it is unnecessary for you to wait to achieve total peace and serenity before you start engaging in meditation. If you do that then you might never be able to meditate at all. They say that it is quite natural for the mind to be filled with all kinds of thoughts and distractions. What you need to do is to keep in mind that it is all just part of a natural process. You just allow those thoughts and distractions to pass through and detach yourself completely. Once you achieve that level then you are ready to reap the higher benefits that can be derived from a spiritual practice like meditation.