Skin Tag Remover – Your Choices

Hello, Maggie here. My first post is all about the types of skin tag removers you can choose from and including my favorite skin tag remover. But first I should tell you all what skin tags are and what they aren’t. Skin tags are little excess flaps of skin that can from anywhere and usually start occurring as people get older. Now it doesn’t only happen to older people. Children can also develop skin tags too.

In the medical community, skin tags are also known as acrochordon, which is the singular and acrochorda for the plural. Most people think that acrochordons is the plural but it is actually acrochorda. The word acrochordon comes from the Greek “acro-” which means top or summit and the Greek “chorde” for string. This will give you a visual cue as to what they look like. The medical community also calls them cutaneous papilloma

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That’s maybe more info than you were expecting. From now on I’ll just refer to them as skin tags as that is what they are most commonly known as.

The most common skin tag remover method is probably freezing followed closely by surgery. And when I say surgery I just really mean that they are cut off. Skin tags very seldom have any nerve endings in them so sniping them off is fairly easy and painless. The problem is that most times these methods are done at a physician’s office and health plans very seldom cover this elective surgery.

However, as you’ll learn later, I’ve come across a painless and effective and inexpensive skin tag remover technique that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

So if you’re looking for a natural skin tag remover that will work on removing moles and removing warts too, keep reading as I’ll share the skin tag remover that I’ve found that has helped me get rid of over 6 skin tags so far. Removing skin tag can now be done easily and painlessly at home.