Skin Tags, the Bump on my Neck

Skin tags are those sometimes annoying flaps of flesh that often sprout up on your neck, especially when you get older. Most people when they start to reach their thirties and forties will notice that they are beginning to grow skin tags. The good news is that skin tags are not dangerous and they are benign, which means they aren’t harmful at all. The only problem is that most people find them annoying. I certainly do.

They can be especially annoying if you wear necklaces around your neck. I’ve caught a skin tag or two in my necklace and ripped that bud of flesh right off my neck. It hurts, but more than that, it starts to bleed and doesn’t stop as quickly or easily as a scratch.

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A lot of my friends have asked me how to remove a skin tag and I’ve found that a natural skin tag remover works best for me. There are a variety of ways to get rid of a skin tag that are natural, including the over the counter skin tag remover. Most of these are lotions or ointments that you put on your skin tag. And over time they sort of dissolve the skin tag. They work quite well, but the best one I have found came from a book that offered an easy way of home removal of skin tags. I’ve been using this method exclusively now for the last several skin tags that I’ve had. It gets rid of them quite quickly, usually within days to a couple of weeks.

The nice thing about this method is that I only need to use at hand supplies that most of us have at home. It’s also the cheapest way that I have found to remove skin tags. Even the over the counter skin tag removers require an ongoing expense. Because sadly, I don’t know of any way to get rid of skin tags all together. I think it is just one of those things that comes with aging.

So don’t worry about the bumps on your neck or your upper chest or arms. It is a natural part of aging. As long as they don’t grow much bigger than a pencil eraser and they don’t hurt, they aren’t something you should feel too worried about. Acrochordons are their scientific name if you were wondering. But pain in the neck is what I usually them! Something else to keep in mind to keep skin tags at bay is to watch your weight. From what I’ve learned, people who are overweight seem to be prone to more skin tags than those of use who are of ideal weight. Yet another good reason to commit to that diet I guess!