How Effective Is Dermisil for Warts?

Warts are unusual benign non-cancerous skin growths, commonly found on the hands and feet, and sometimes on the face. Warts are rough in texture, painless, and look like dry boils.

Warts are caused by a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which can be transmitted from person to person or can be acquired when a person comes in direct contact with someone who is contaminated with this infection. Typically, this HPV infection is transmitted sexually, causing a serious case of wart growth called genital warts. There are in fact several types of warts, depending on the strains of the HPV infection. One is mentioned earlier, the genital warts; the others are common warts, plantar warts, oral warts, flat warts, filiform warts, periungual warts, animal warts, and seed warts.

As mentioned earlier, the most widespread and serious case of warts is the genital wart. Any bacteria or infection forming in a human’s genital area is a severe problem that must be given immediate attention. Earlier treatments for warts include the use of over-the-counter salicylic solutions that dissolves protein (the abundant component of warts) and the dead skin. Some absurd treatments reported by patients include suffocating the warts by using a duct tape and burning the warts using fire to kill the bacteria. But, modern science and technology have found a better and safe treatment for warts, without having to deal with permanent scars.

Worry no more, because available for the public is the Dermisil™ product line that offers 100% natural treatment for warts, and other skin conditions. The brand itself has gained popularity and trust among its consumers through its five basic principles to attain its market goal: a) no testing on animals, b) all formulas are small-batched and hand-crafted, c) use organic botanicals whenever possible from the most reputable farms and suppliers in the world, d) support worthwhile humanitarian efforts, and e) develop formulas that just plain work.
The Dermisil™ for warts package has Immune Booster capsules and the Topical Liquid solution made from natural ingredients. The Immune Booster capsule helps the body to increase its natural anti-infection and anti-inflammatory capabilities, in order for the body to fight the virus causing the infection. Meanwhile, the Topical Liquid or the Anti-Viral Liquid is being applied directly to the infected skin or wart, which solution penetrates into the warts and fights off the virus. Examinations show no threat in fertility or scarring by these medications.

Testimonies of Dermisil™ users claim that it is in fact the best and most effective solution for warts.