Skin Problem Treatment: Dermisil for Skin Tag

Although it is true that beauty is skin deep, we cannot delude the fact that our skin is still important and that it must be maintained in order for us to look good physically. However, it is inevitable that we sometimes encounter various skin problems that hinder us to feel confident. Today, we’ll discuss one common skin problem and learn a dermatological-proven treatment for this.

Do you observe unusual skin growths in some parts of your body? They are flesh in color, have stalk-like shape, and smooth in texture. Well, you might just have skin tags. Be careful to identify these abnormal growths, because there are skin problems like warts that are distinguished through abnormal growth as well. And so, to be sure, have an appointment with a dermatologist and have skin checked.

The medical term for a skin tag is acrochordon, and may also be referred to as cutaneous skin tag or fibroepithelial polyp. You dermatologist may explain to you that skin tags are benign tumors, but do not panic. The term “tumor” is not always that bad. In fact, skin tags are harmless, and they are not contagious. Skin tags usually appear on the part of the body where creases are present. Examples are your eyelids, neck, underarms, under the breast, and groin folds. They grow due to the constant rubbing of skin against skin. However, advanced studies show that there are factors in people’s lineage that gives risk for the growth of skin tags. The risk factors are obesity, heredity, and age. Adults up to 60 years old are common recipients of skin tags. Skin tags may grow from 50 to 100 in number. Although they are harmful to the human health, they are pleasing for the physical appearance. And so, some people who have them opt to get rid of them.

There are medical treatments available for the removal of skin tags. A popular choice, if you have efficient funds of course, is cryotherapy, or the freezing of skin tags. There are also over-the-counter creams for skin tags removal. But, the most popular choice now for skin tag removal is the brand that offers natural-made ingredients and safe usage—Dermisil.

Made of 100 % pure plant extracts, the Dermisil for skin tags is formulated with high levels of alpha-terpinene-4-ol for anti-virus. Patients are guaranteed to experience no pain, no rashes, and no scarring. But, take note that Dermisil is not recommended to be used in eyes area.